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Couple up with your sweetie and maximize your transformation at MaxStrength Fitness

Much like Bonnie and Clyde, Marc Antony and Cleopatra, and Rhett and Scarlett, when Paul and Anna Snellings combine forces, sparks will fly and big things happen. In honor of this Valentine’s season, we caught up with the darling duo to uncover their secret sauce for staying in shape. The tenacious twosome moved to Cleveland from...

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Harmonize the systems in your body and experience wellness like you’ve never felt before

People are opening their minds to new modalities for healing. Mindfulness and relaxation play an important roles, but it can be difficult to find a quiet, comfortable place to practice mindfulness techniques undisturbed. At Healthy Solutions, we have created the environment and treatments to improve the lives of our clients and offer ongoing...

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By harnessing the power of amnion injections, Dr. Danielle Shaper is providing patients with dramatic relief from neuropathy

More than 20 million people in the United States suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Emphasis should be placed on the word “suffer,” as symptoms include pain, burning, numbness, tingling in the feet or hands, and difficulty walking. This progressive, debilitating condition is caused by nerve damage and often occurs in diabetics. Traditional...

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How to lose weight and keep it off

It’s the middle of February when most people who made a New Year’s resolution have long ago abandoned it. It’s also a time when you cannot pick up an online device without being inundated with the latest fad diet, pill, injection, shake, packaged meal, or the latest villainous food we should not eat. If the weight you lost in the first...

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Is ear wax really bad for you?

People usually consider ear wax to be an icky, unsightly bodily secretion they are quick to get rid of. In reality, this protective, hardworking unsung hero serves several beneficial functions to your ears. It traps stray dirt, dust and debris from entering your ear canal. The anti-microbial chemical composition of ear wax is slightly acidic,...

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