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Live Well Willoughby returns June 11

A community can only be as healthy and well as the people who live in it.” —Chad Gourley, founder of the LiveWell Initiative This grassroots effort to connect people to local health and wellness resources is picking up momentum, kicking off the summer with the Live Well Willoughby festival at Wes Point Park, on Saturday, June...

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Are your feet looking ‘puffy?’

Now that shorts and sandals season has finally arrived, take a good look at your feet, ankles and lower legs in the bright sunshine. What do you see? Warning signs of venous disease include obvious ones like purple veins, bulging veins and swelling, but there are also more subtle symptoms, such as spider veins, skin discoloration and puffiness,...

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There’s still time to have your best summer ever!

The 80-degree temperatures have arrived and shorts and swimsuit season is finally here. If you’ve picked up unwanted pounds over the winter and cold, wet spring—or if you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long while without success—here’s a safe and effective way to shed 20 to 40 pounds in six to eight weeks, guaranteed,...

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Workout customization

People often ask me what the difference is between our training studio and big box gyms or national franchise studios. The answer is too long to fit in this story, but the two most important differentiators are the qualifications of our team of trainers and our ability to provide a completely customized program to our clients. Everyone...

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Stay active to eliminate pain with physical therapy first

When pain is present, your body will naturally want to limit movement and then compensate and create new injuries. You hurt your foot, ankle, shoulder, hand, or knee, and everyone wants to immobilize it. They want to put you in a boot, a splint or a brace and tell you to go on with your day and the follow up in two weeks to see how it’s going...

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