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Tips for beating the winter blues

It is well established that chronic pain is made worse by depression, and the “winter blues” is one the most common forms of depression. Although we cannot do in winter many of the fun, outdoor activities we enjoy in summer, we can change how we think about winter. Here are two ideas: 1. Winter is a much softer and calmer season, so lean...

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At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers, the focus is on preventing those with balance and vestibular issues from falling, which could ultimately save their life

The spelling of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center may strike you as a little unorthodox, but it’s metaphorical to how different this place is from anything you think you know about physical therapy. Opening this month in the Williamsburg Square Shopping Center in Westlake, Fyzical specializes in treating pain and improving balance through...

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How are your legs feeling now?

So how do your legs feel so far this holiday season? Tired, achy, swollen? Additional activities we are unaccustomed to can make varicose vein symptoms worse, even when the veins are not visible. These include standing all day to prepare the Thanksgiving meal to holiday shopping. If you’d like healthier legs as early as this spring and...

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Join 2piFit’s Drop 2 Sizes 8-Week Challenge and change your shape without counting calories

We all have a favorite pair of jeans that fit just right. Many of us, however, wish “just right” was a couple pants sizes smaller. That is why 2piFit is launching the Drop 2 Sizes 8-Week Challenge on Monday, January 9, to help you lose weight and tone up. This innovative program uses a pair of jeans, not a scale, to measure progress and...

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For John G., success means losing 50 pounds and running the Turkey Trot

In the personal training industry, nothing succeeds like success. When John G. of Sagamore Hills saw the weight loss success of several of his neighbors, who train at Higher Heights Fitness in Brecksville, he decided it was time for him to get off the weight loss yo-yo he’d been on his adult life. “My weight had crept up to 280 and I...

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