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Here’s how Fitness Together in Bay Village is helping Katie S. stay strong and fit during her pregnancy

When Katie Sheehan was pregnant with her first child in 2015, she adhered to the old-fashioned regimen of lots of daily rest, zero exercise or exertion, and plenty of ice cream. She gained more weight than she planned, and, in the last trimester, went into polyhydramnios and macrosomia (excess fluid and a really big baby). Doctors decided to...

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Whole Body Health takes a unique approach to treating Lyme Disease

Imagine your kids come in from playing outside. As they’re cleaning up, you notice an odd mark on your youngest’s upper arm. It almost looks like a target. When it doesn’t go away, you take him to your primary care physician, who tells you he has Lyme Disease. But don’t worry, he or she is going to put your son on antibiotics that...

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Holiday stress-related hair shedding

The holidays are fast approaching and along with them come the joys of the season, like glad tidings, great food, and time spent with family and friends. One unforeseen effect of the holiday season is the added stress it can cause, and, for some individuals, this can lead to stress-related hair loss. According to the trichologists at Jeffrey...

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“I have 18 hemorrhoids!”

A patient came to me recently and proudly shared that he had 18 hemorrhoids, as diagnosed by a gastroenterologist during a routine colonoscopy. He seemed pretty proud of the number—and it was impressive. Fortunately for him, I was able to remove 15 of his hemorrhoids immediately during our conversation. You see, it’s physically...

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The gift of living pain free

If you participate in the season of giving, the time for thinking of others and what they want and need is right around the corner. But I’d like to suggest you also think about what you want and need. Are you free from pain? Do you have the mobility you once enjoyed? Are you able to immerse yourself fully in the activities you love? At...

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