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Fitness Together and Vertical Runner's Couch to 5K contest helped transform the lives of the three winners

One of the most common items on a person’s bucket list, running a 5K race, is also one of the most commonly abandoned. It takes a lot more than just wanting it to push your body across the finish line. Says Sean Sullivan, owner of Fitness Together in Brecksville, “We thought it would be nice to reach out to people in the community and...

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Is medical marijuana right for you?

There is so much new research on the benefits of medical cannabis, from slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s to shrinking malignant tumors, that state after state is going full throttle to bring those health benefits to its citizens. On September 8, 2016, the State of Ohio took action with the passage of House Bill 523, which legalized...

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Take advantage of a free skin cancer screening so the experts at Apex Dermatology can assure you that your spot really is just a mole

Epitomizing Apex Dermatology’s core values of integrity and compassion, Dr. Sara Lohser is the newest doctor to join this growing dermatology practice, which offers comprehensive skin cancer surgery, medical dermatology and innovative aesthetic services. Expertly trained and inherently passionate, Dr. Lohser earned two undergraduate...

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Being physically active and improving your pain can decrease stress levels and make holidays more enjoyable

We all have aches and pains that we live with every day, but sometimes they worsen beyond a mild aggravation—especially during the holidays when our stress increases. Being physically active and improving your pain can decrease stress levels and make holidays more enjoyable. Through stretching, strengthening, cardio and manual...

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Do you need a prosthodontist?

Sometimes having a really good dentist just isn’t enough. When Frontier Dental opened its doors this summer, it brought to town an advanced form of dentistry. One of only a handful of prosthodontists in Northeast Ohio (and only 3,000 in the country), Dr. Sanjay Karunagaran is highly trained in dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and...

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