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Find relief from back pain without surgery at Core Life Chiropractic with spinal decompression

Millions of people experience some level of back pain at some point in their lives. When that pain interrupts daily life and activities, it’s time to seek a solution. Dr. Pooja Patel, founder of Core Life Chiropractic, understands the debilitating effects of this kind of pain and offers a wide spectrum of treatment options. Newest among these...

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With one of the busiest emergency departments in town, a recent expansion helps give even more patients top-level care

If an emergency arises, it is good to know University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center is close to home and ready to take care of you. And thanks to a recent expansion, exceptional care is even more accessible. As part of the medical center’s Phase 2 expansion, the newly built Emergency Department (ED) nearly doubled in size to 43 beds...

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On the fanny fence with your hemorrhoids

Patience is a virtue. Wait it out. This too shall pass. I can take it. These are just some of the mantras people who come to me for treatment of hemorrhoids have subscribed to before deciding to end their suffering. But the pain, itching, burning and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids don’t go away. It gets worse. Yet, some people still...

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An emerging specialty at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation puts the focus on helping patients improve their quality of life

Medicine doesn’t always center on a cure, as a growing medical specialty—Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)—puts the focus on helping patients improve their quality of life. Though PM&R was identified by the American Medical Association as a board-certified specialty in 1947, it is still an emerging medical field. At...

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Dr. Donovan answers MrBeast’s call

Renowned for his viral stunt videos and focus on philanthropy, YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson joined forces with Hearing the Call to help provide hearing solutions to the hearing-impaired locally and globally. With a goal to help 1,000 people, Hearing the Call fit hearing aids on over 90% of recipients in Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil,...

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