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What causes hearing loss?

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. We strive to educate the community and spread awareness about hearing loss and the importance of seeking help. The average person waits seven to 10 years after they have been diagnosed or affected by hearing loss to pursue treatment. That’s a statistic we hope to reverse. The sooner hearing loss...

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Keeping the structure of the foot in kids and teens intact is the key to adult foot health

With Covid restrictions in the rearview mirror, it’s wonderful to see athletes and teams getting back to the fields, courts and tracks. However, parents should keep in mind that we are also heading into peak season for sports-related injuries and ailments. “Some common issues I see in 10- to 15-year-olds affect the growth plates, which...

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Diabetic foot care

For the 37 million Americans—about one in 10 people—who suffer from diabetes, special care should be taken to treat several dangerous and debilitating issues that can occur. One of the most common ailments caused by this disease is neuropathy, or nerve damage. Patients can lose sensation or have abnormal sensation in their feet due...

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Hearing loss isn’t normal

May is “Better Hearing Month” and serves as a reminder to get your hearing checked. But make sure you’re being examined by a doctor of audiology. “A great audiologist once said, ‘The ears are the doorway to the brain,’” says founder of Sounds of Life Hearing Sarah Curtis, Au.D. “We gather so much information by conversations...

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Statins and CoQ10

The information in today’s article is so important, I’m going to get right to it. If you take a statin medication to control cholesterol, health experts say you need to take a supplement called CoQ10. While many people are aware of this need, I’m very concerned with the number of people I speak with who are not. Statin medications...

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