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Best time for treatment? Yesterday

When it comes to varicose vein treatments, most insurance companies have a six-week compression requirement. That means you must wear compression socks for six weeks before your insurance company will cover the cost of your treatment. Although compression is very helpful in reducing symptoms (we should all consider wearing it regularly), many...

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Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists asks what’s in your arsenal?

Hemorrhoid sufferers typically have a stockpile of “fixes” in their arsenal. The hope is that a cream, suppository, Tucks pad, sitz bath or even a special cushion can provide permanent relief. They don’t. And when those methods fail, some visit their primary care doctor in search of relief. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either...

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The benefits of dry needling

To support the professional level of training at Higher Heights Fitness, last month I joined the staff and have been working with people in a private mini-clinic within the studio. Thanks to owner Kyle Hotz for appreciating how much a physical therapist can make a difference in helping people achieve their ultimate level of wellness. A...

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Does melatonin really work?

Odds are you’ve heard of melatonin—the hormone produced by the body that helps regulate the sleep cycle and promote restful sleep. What you probably haven’t heard is melatonin may not be a hormone at all. Many are likely deficient, and it appears to do far more than promote sleep. Unlike all other hormones that are exclusively...

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Join the Shaw JCC of Akron and enjoy an all-access experience for just $20.23 your first month

How does $20.23 sound for one month of full access for you and your family to all the workout facilities, classes, personal training, activities and wellness programming that the Shaw JCC of Akron has to offer? If you sign up during the month of January, that’s exactly what you’ll get. “This is a lower rate than our lowest-priced...

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