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Chronic pain: Mind, body, spirit

By definition, chronic pain is a significant discomfort you have lived with for a long time, often resulting in countless doctor visits over the years as well as dozens of treatments. In the modern world, we want a physician to “fix” us, to repair what’s broken with surgery, an injection or a pill. But chronic pain often does not respond...

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Here’s the workout you didn’t know your body needed

While the gazillion-dollar fitness industry grows each year, not a lot of attention has been put on the role the musculoskeletal system and bone health has on a person’s overall well-being. Until now. The OsteoStrong studio in Willoughby offers patented Robotic Musculoskeletal Strengthening equipment called Spectrum, aimed at building and...

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MaxStrength celebrates 15 years of fitness

MaxStrength Fitness is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month with parties, new-client specials and the introduction of wellness coaching. I sat down with founder Jeff Tomaszewski to take a little trip back in time to see where his mindset was in 2007 when he opened the location in Westlake, followed by a second one in Willoughby in 2017...

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Live Well Willoughby returns June 11

A community can only be as healthy and well as the people who live in it.” —Chad Gourley, founder of the LiveWell Initiative This grassroots effort to connect people to local health and wellness resources is picking up momentum, kicking off the summer with the Live Well Willoughby festival at Wes Point Park, on Saturday, June...

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Are your feet looking ‘puffy?’

Now that shorts and sandals season has finally arrived, take a good look at your feet, ankles and lower legs in the bright sunshine. What do you see? Warning signs of venous disease include obvious ones like purple veins, bulging veins and swelling, but there are also more subtle symptoms, such as spider veins, skin discoloration and puffiness,...

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