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Zinc Insurance

This is not your typical insurance company. This is Zinc.

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Michael Brady & Co, LLC

As a fiduciary financial planner, Michael Brady has served as a builder, keeper and steward of multi-generational wealth for substantial families and the businesses, trusts and endowments they have...

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HealthMarkets Insurance Agency–Brunswick

HealthMarkets’ licensed insurance agent Roni Bell offers insurance products through a number of different carriers that supply life, health, accident, and supplemental insurance plans like vision,...

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How to maintain a healthy cash flow

A strong order book may lead you to believe that your business is in tip-top shape. However, warns Gary Cerasi, CPA and owner of Creative Business Strategies, regardless of how busy you are,...

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What’s the difference between a will and a trust?

In 2011, the baby boomer generation began turning 65, retiring from the workforce, switching its subscription from Rolling Stone to AARP Magazine and setting its sights on the golden...

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An umbrella policy protects your wealth

Here’s the scenario: You have a car accident and you’re at fault. Several other drivers are involved and their vehicles are significantly damaged. You suffer injuries, they suffer...

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Save money on small group insurance

Providing insurance coverage for employees can take a bite out of earnings. Your pocket or theirs, someone is going to feel the pinch. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency offers small group...

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Your lack of planning can cost you

There’s a snappy little statement that goes something like this: “Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency.” When it comes to estate concerns with our parents, that...

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