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What’s the difference between working out and personal training at Alloy Personal Training?

Evan Ferwerda opened Alloy Personal Training in Fairlawn this summer to offer people the best-case scenario of modalities: trainer-led workouts with the accountability of small classes in a state-of-the-art facility with advanced equipment. Once people discover it, after a few classes, they’re hooked. “I had an idea we would be...

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One of the best gifts you can give

One of the most important gifts you can give to your loved ones is a very special gift you give to yourself: the gift of good health. Let me explain. Our loved ones depend on us for our wisdom, our parental abilities, our ability to join in and be a part of things. Maybe you’re at the stage where your kids need help moving into their college...

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Hearing loss and cognitive load

As we all know, different centers of the brain perform different functions. But when we experience hearing loss, these brain centers can become rewired to help make up for the deficiency in hearing. This affects our cognitive load and can lead to stress, anxiety, and even cognitive decline. For example, at a dinner party we may have difficulty...

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A season for health screenings

'Tis the season for after-work gatherings, family parties, kids’ events, school concerts, and, of course, gift buying. No wonder the season sparks waves of stress as soon as the Halloween candy aisles quickly transition to candy canes and stocking stuffers. With all the pressure comes related health concerns. While you might push off health...

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At The Village of St. Edward, residents are experiencing the joy of lives well lived

For the nearly 700 residents and families at The Village of St. Edward, the concept of bucket list has taken on a new meaning through the new VillageLIFE initiative. Supported by VSE’s non-profit foundation, the program is a vibrant philosophy of aging supported by growth, discovery, joy and purpose. In short, the idea is to encourage...

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