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Are your legs still swollen?

Leg swelling in the summer is not uncommon. That’s because our veins dilate as a part of thermal regulation, that is, regulating the body’s temperature. The hotter the temperature, the more dilation. However, our bodies are adept at adjusting to change in our environment, so after about a month in warmer weather, your legs should acclimate...

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This is not your typical doctor visit

In the traditional medical model, physicians spend the day going from exam room to exam room dedicating just a few minutes to each patient. That may work when you have an infection and need an antibiotic, but managing chronic pain requires a deeper relationship. By comparison, my office visits are pretty lengthy, with the first two consult visits...

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Find a safe pathway home at The Laurels of Chagrin Falls

In short-term rehabilitation, long-term care and outpatient therapy, the comprehensive range of therapy services at The Laurels of Chagrin Falls provides a safe transition back home and a path for patients to achieve their goals. So much of what our physical, speech and occupational therapists do on a daily basis has changed over the...

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Reclaim your intimacy

Not many medical procedures come with a guarantee, but when it comes to MonaLisa Touch, 100 percent of women say it is worth it. That’s according to—an online platform where thousands of patients review medical procedures. Used to treat vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence and lichen sclerosus, the...

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With help from the compassionate team at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, you can finally lose the weight and keep it off

Being overweight not only can create a barrier to a better quality of life, but it also increases a person’s odds of experiencing major health problems. Katie O’Boyle, MSN, RN, CBN, APRN-CNP, Certified Bariatric Nurse and Associate Nurse Practitioner at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, says that unfortunately some people find it...

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