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British family physician Richard Berry, MD—now living in Northeast Ohio—embraces his own brand of patient-focused health care

Richard Berry, MD, is not your typical area physician. You understand this right away thanks to his pleasant British accent. Not that posh, stiff-upper-lip King Charles accent, but the charming, “meet-me-at-the-pub-for-a-pint” British accent. Second, you’ll notice his down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is style. That makes sense considering...

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Sounds of Life Hearing is poised at the top of the scope when it comes to diagnosing and treating hearing issues

The audiologists at Sounds of Life Hearing Center in Concord Township are committed to providing comprehensive hearing care. With newly acquired equipment and additional training, Doctors of Audiology Sarah Curtis and Cara Donovan offer several specialty care options unique to their practice. They now provide additional essential services to the...

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Protecting your sense of hearing is vital, that’s why Dr. Amanda Barbur, of Amanda’s Family Hearing, offers these tips, tricks and devices to help you do just that

After becoming an audiologist, and for years working at the former MaryAnn’s Family Hearing, Dr. Amanda Barbur purchased the practice in 2020 and it became Amanda’s Family Hearing. “I chose to be in private practice so I can treat each individual the way I feel is most appropriate,” she says. “Being a smaller practice also allows us...

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PN treatment without drugs

Twenty million Americans are estimated to have peripheral neuropathy (PN), which occurs in one-third to one-half of people with diabetes. Potential symptoms of PN include: • Persistent burning pain in the feet (especially at night)• Feeling like you are “walking on hot coals”• Losing your sense of balance• Persistent numbness in a...

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When should you hydrate?

As the temps start to climb this month, it’s a smart idea to pay attention to your water intake. The body itself is about 60 percent water, so if you’re not getting enough, that affects your health. Allowing yourself to become dehydrated could mean muscle soreness and cramping, fatigue and a host of other issues, such as back pain and...

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