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Do you have questions about what the next phase of your health insurance coverage is going to look like?

If you’re getting ready to turn 65, if you’re a fresh 65, or if 65 is on the horizon, you might have questions about what the next phase of your health insurance coverage is going to look like. Understanding your options can feel a little confusing, but I’m here to help you navigate the choices—without the stress of having to go it...

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Are OTC aids right for you?

There’s been some breaking news in the field of hearing health. The FDA has authorized a new category of hearing aids that can be self-fit and sold over the counter (OTC) without any testing or prescription. Dr. Sarah Curtis, Au.D., founder of Sounds of Life Hearing, is supportive when applied appropriately. “As a doctor of audiology and...

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Finding the true cause of your pain

When dealing with musculoskeletal pain, doctors may order an MRI, which often does not reveal the problem. An ultrasound, however, is an ideal tool for looking at areas of chronic pain. It can pinpoint the structure that is causing your pain and—because ultrasound can look at your tissues in motion—it can diagnose issues that...

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Red patch on your lower leg?

When we see a patch of red on our lower leg it’s natural to blame a rash or a bug bite. If it doesn’t go away, we may visit the doctor and be diagnosed with cellulitis—a skin infection—and put on antibiotics. But red patches and other skin discolorations are often the result of something going on beneath the skin: inflammation...

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How to get a better workout

Here’s what you won’t find at Higher Heights Fitness: rows and rows of exercise machines. When it comes to precision strength training, equipment makes all the difference. Our clients use only free weights, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, resistance bands, battle ropes and TRX equipment. Why? Because they actually produce a...

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