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Varicose veins are also common in men

Many people think varicose veins is a condition only women suffer from. But in reality, about 45% of men over age 50 have some form of venous insufficiency, virtually equal to the percentage of women affected. Here at the Center for Advanced Vein Care, about 35-40% of our patients are men. That figure is slightly lower than the percentage of...

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A unique gift for dads

To celebrate Father’s Day this year, we are honoring dads for the whole month of June. Beginning Thursday, June 1, there is a $30 off special for any dads needing some deep relaxation, de-stressing and a sense of calm. Most dads just don’t take time for themselves, especially when it comes to self-care. Healthy Solutions has an easy fix...

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It’s not about losing weight

Just as doctors tell their patients to “know their numbers” (blood pressure and cholesterol), to take control of their health, we as trainers advise our clients to know their numbers beyond the ones they see on the scale. Now that summer is here, everyone wants to lose weight. But what they should really be interested in is losing fat and...

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Sarah McKay Counseling helps people of all ages navigate life

After working on several levels of the clinical counseling arena in the Cleveland area—from crisis care in a hospital setting to counseling in schools and other practices—I decided to establish my own practice in 2016 and put together a group of like-minded counselors with synergistic specialties. During and following the pandemic,...

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Technology and your fitness goals

As is the case in every aspect of our culture, technology has advanced quickly in the fitness realm. Whether it is a Fitbit you can wear, the Mirror you can use to replace your home gym, or one of the tens of thousands of apps for your phone, there is an overwhelming number of options you can utilize to help you reach your fitness goals. Many...

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