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Stem cells for hair, face and more

At Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine, we offer people the freedom to return to an active, pain-free way of living via stem cell treatment. Stem cell treatment, which, in conjunction with other therapies, treats conditions like wrist, neck and back pain, TMJ, migraines, slipped discs, neuropathy and more, while helping people avoid...

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At the Fitness Center at UH Avon Health Center, the certified and degreed fitness specialists perform an InBody test for all its new members to better gauge their health

For those of us baking dozens of holiday cookies or feasting on fattening appetizers and calorie-laden drinks at festive parties this month, we have the same mindset: Indulge now because in a few weeks we will start losing weight in the New Year. But shedding pounds is not what it’s all about, as the numbers on the scale can be misleading...

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‘Tis the season for immune support

I want to share with you my three favorite natural remedies for the cold and flu season. To be fair, I could write a Top 10 list and still be leaving out some great options, but, for me, these are the three “never run out of these” remedies. First on my list is elderberry. Research shows the plant compounds in elderberry can significantly...

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Smiles by White’s new interactive Invisalign Experience offers an easy, no-pressure way to enhance your smile

When you walk into the new Invisalign Experience at Smiles by White, it feels more like an Apple retail store than an orthodontic office and for good reason. The former executive behind such tech powerhouses as Apple and Tesla consulted with Align Technology, the manufacturer of clear aligners, to bring high-tech touches to the orthodontic...

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On Dr. Noel Abood’s NutriMost program, you can expect to drop at least 20 pounds in 40 days

At his heaviest, Tom Stanton tipped the scales at 262 pounds. He knew the heft contributed to his Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The former financial services executive tried to diet, but repeatedly lost and regained the same 15 or 20 pounds. Something had to change. Fortunately, Tom’s son, a wellness...

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