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No fads, no judgment, just sound medical ways to lose weight and keep it off

Every year, America’s waistline keeps getting bigger and bigger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity prevalence in the United States has increased to 42%. “Obesity is the other pandemic,” says Dr. Leena Khaitan, director of the Bariatric Surgery Program at University Hospitals. “Covid-19 has killed...

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Hemorrhoid date night

I had a patient who likes to take his wife out for date night. The problem was his hemorrhoids went along for the ride, making him uncomfortable, self-conscious, and challenged to enjoy their time together. I said to him, you take out your wife, and I’ll take out your hemorrhoids. Does this scenario sound familiar? Are you avoiding social...

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Treatment for tinnitus

Am I hearing things? It’s a question many have asked themselves at one time or another. If you’ve experienced a constant or periodic ringing, humming or buzzing in your ears, you may be suffering from tinnitus. “Tinnitus is a noise you hear in your ears but no one else can hear,” says Sarah Curtis, Au.D. founder of Sounds of Life...

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Aerni Dental offers the latest technology for treating gum disease

Research has shown that more than 50% of adults have some form of gum disease, with that percentage rising to over 70% for those 65 years and older. Of those who suffer from it, only 3% receive treatment. Traditional treatment for moderate to advanced gum infection may include invasive therapy such as incisions, bone grafting, gum grafting and...

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Here’s how to handle conflict in your marriage and come out stronger

Even the most harmonious of unions will encounter a few bumps along the road. Research shows that it’s not necessarily the conflict itself that sinks a relationship, but how a couple handles it. To effectively navigate conflict and strengthen the connection in a marriage or relationship, from everyday fights and stressors to big life...

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