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If your resolution to lose weight or quit smoking has failed, AcuLaser Treatment and Wellness Centre is ready to get you back on track naturally

If you’re reading this story, which publishes on January 19, or what’s statistically known as “quitter’s day,” you’ve probably joined the 98 million people who have already ended their New Year’s resolution to exercise and lose weight, according to data analyzed in a study published in 2019 by the fitness app Strava. “February...

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Finally, a treatment for toenail fungus that really works is available

Kicking off the new year is the perfect time to put a plan in place to achieve your ultimate health and wellness. For many people—one in 10 in the general population and half of those over age 70—Onychomycosis, or toenail fungus, is a nagging, non-critical condition that should be treated. Those with toenail fungus experience...

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Hope for peripheral neuropathy

Those who have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy have been waiting a long time for some good news. After years of being told your nerves are “dead” and there is no hope, that hope is finally here. Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants is now offering a leading-edge new therapy for use with any kind of neuropathy, whether...

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Healthy Solutions offers a groundbreaking way to reclaim your peace, achieve mental clarity, and live healthfully

Are you ready to commit to a plan of action to renew your health and get back quality of life? What parts of your personal or professional life need reconstructed? What are you looking forward to manifesting in 2023? If we don’t feel good, other parts of our lives suffer, too. We just won’t have the energy or mental focus to get things...

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Flu season and hearing

It is not uncommon to experience some level of hearing loss in conjunction with upper respiratory infections, including colds and the flu. Infections result in inflammation, and sinus and/or nasal infections lead to swelling of the back of your throat. This area contains one end of the Eustachian tubes, which normally keep the pressure behind our...

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