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Here’s how Fitness Together helped Kelly W. become fit and free

Three years ago, Officer Kelly M., of Westlake, was in a horrific car accident while on duty in Washington, D.C. During a high-speed police chase, his patrol car was rammed from behind by an...

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Dr. William Aerni encourages getting a second opinion before having dental implant surgery

Most people strive to be first, but Dr. William Aerni is perfectly content to come in second. “Wait a minute now, don’t give people the wrong idea about me,” chuckles the affable owner of...

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The Village of St. Edward has been embracing the aging process with care for more than 50 years

The Village of St. Edward was founded more than 50 years ago to provide a welcoming home that caters to the physical, spiritual and social needs of area seniors. With locations in Fairlawn, which...

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Live a more vibrant life by focusing on nutrition

You are what you eat. The old adage rings truer than ever today, as more studies are linking your nutrition directly to everything from preventable chronic conditions—high blood pressure,...

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A flooring evolution: Southwest Floors has reinvented itself

This month, Southwest Floors in Seven Hills is unveiling its newly renovated showroom—including a glamorous Waterproof Flooring Gallery—as well as introducing new lines and...

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