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Relax, it’s only your butt

I get it. Anything that pertains to your rear end can be a source of amusement or embarrassment. The latter keeps many people from coming to see me as soon as they notice the pain,...

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Who gets hemorrhoids?

I ’d like to dispel a few of the myths about who gets hemorrhoids—and who doesn’t. Age - When it comes to hemorrhoids, age really is just a number. I’ve seen patients that...

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What is the perfect poop?

Hemorrhoids start out as normal tissue called anal cushions. This inflatable tissue just inside the anal canal fills with blood to form a strong hydraulic seal, keeping what’s inside, well,...

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For the booty, and the foodie

Most people know me as an expert in the field of hemorrhoid treatment, and I’ve helped thousands of patients find relief. But in addition to that form of medicine, I also offer a nutrition and...

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Who's looking at your rear?

A man who came in for an appointment recently had been told by his primary care physician that he had 10 hemorrhoids and they were all protruding.  After asking him a series of questions, I told...

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