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Meet the Artist: Jill Hungerford

Local artist Jill Hungerford is a master at boldly combining color and drama, expertly blending design and imagination with technical ability to bring her subject matter vividly to life. Jill’s...

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Meet the Artist: Kimberly Chapman

Local sculptor Kimberly Chapman is an expert at finding the beauty in dark, painful topics, bringing the subject matter to light in a uniquely striking way. Her work tells a painfully vivid tale...

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Meet the Artist: Arabella Proffer

Cleveland-based painter Arabella Proffer isn’t one to let adversity slow her down or dampen her spirits. In the summer of 2020, a decade after she was first diagnosed, she found out that her...

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The Akron Arts Expo returns for the 2021 summer season, July 24-25

Northeast Ohioans are looking forward to a fun and vibrant summer ahead with the return of outdoor events that the warmer weather brings. The Akron Arts Expo, a beloved local event celebrating its...

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Meet the Artist: Ryan Drost

Local comic book author Ryan Drost combined his two greatest loves to bring to life Stealth Hammer, a superhero inspired by his wife, Jami, and his deep love for the comic book genre. “Jami is...

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