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What is the perfect poop?

Hemorrhoids start out as normal tissue called anal cushions. This inflatable tissue just inside the anal canal fills with blood to form a strong hydraulic seal, keeping what’s inside, well, inside. When you put pressure on your abs, like when you lift something heavy, those cushions instantly inflate to keep you from leaking. That’s...

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At Art of Impact Salon, it’s all about leading edge services for hair

With so many salons trying to be everything to everyone, Art of Impact Salon just focuses on what it does best: hair. Instead of add-on services such as manicures, facials and massages, here everything exclusively revolves around an extensive menu of hair services. “We offer the most advanced hair coloring techniques and on-trend haircuts...

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Dr. Laurel’s best face forward

“At the center of my practice is the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), which involves the isolation of growth factors in the blood. Those growth factors recruit omnipotent stem cells, which rejuvenate the skin, hair and body. New blood vessels grow and the result is new connective tissue strengthened with collagen,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews,...

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The rush of discovery

Sociologists suggest that women are linked to shopping in the same way men are drawn to sports, and that women are “gatherers,” while men “hunt.” Men apparently don’t carry the gene for appreciating how rewarding a shopping spree can be…the rush of discovering new things and making them yours. And for those poor souls...

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Enjoy the homemade goodness of a Sophie's Choice natural pierogi

The fiasco is etched as deeply into our family lore as the broken leg lamp incident that will forever live on in the history of A Christmas Story’s Parker family. An eager team of pierogi makers, including my wife, my mom and my son’s girlfriend, rolled up their sleeves, broke out the flour and rolling pin and slaved for hours at the...

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