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Healthy aging with The Lantern Group

Aging is inevitable. And if we’re lucky, we get to do it for a long time while staying as physically and mentally healthy as possible. Just as physical health takes some work, mental wellness also requires effort.  Jean Makesh, CEO of The Lantern Group, has made it his life’s mission to provide both exceptional care and treatment for the...

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Hearing and vision MDs join forces

Folks living in and around Streetsboro who may have both hearing and vision loss can soon be treated for both in one convenient location. Beginning in June, Dr. Bert Brown of Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers will see patients inside the office of ophthalmologist Dr. Douglas Ripkin.  “It’s natural for an ophthalmologist and an ENT...

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Beyond the burn...and itch

Most people don’t know there are many different symptoms that can be caused by hemorrhoids. Typically we associate the presence of hemorrhoids with itching and burning, but symptoms can include a number of other things, too.  Aside from the burn and itch, another common indicator is an inability to get clean after bowel movements. You may...

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The O-Shot

“The O-Shot changed my life,” says Dr. Laurel Matthews, owner of the freshly launched Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar. “I started offering it because I felt like I had to. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself personally in 20 years. Professionally, it revolutionized the way I thought about my practice.” “Over the years women have...

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Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists: A full decade of butt jokes

“Hey, doc,” said my last new patient of the day. “Let me tell you, my hemorrhoids are a real pain in the butt.” “Ha, good one,” I laughed...for the sixth time that day. Having just celebrated our 10th anniversary as “the hemorrhoid place” in Northeast Ohio, I have seen and heard them all, from messages written in ink on the...

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