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‘Tis the season for The Maids, so you can play, explore, enjoy kids and company—without having to clean

Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?” —Phyllis Diller It used to be that some homeowners only employed a maid service during the fall and winter months. That’s when school’s in session, everyone is cooped up inside and there are so many other demands on their time that the thought of working cleaning into the...

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It makes sense to have your entire property beautified by Perfect Power Wash

Strike while the iron is hot, meaning to take early action, is a phrase that derives from the sixteenth century when a blacksmith needed to strike a horseshoe when the temperature of the metal was exactly right. If he waited too long, the metal would cool and the strike from his hammer wouldn’t shape the metal enough, causing him...

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Make your garage the life of the party

So, you’ve gone all out to dazzle your friends and family at your kid’s graduation party. You’ve got chateaubriand sizzling on your new stainless steel, eight-burner grill. The Cake Boss has just delivered a custom dessert, and you hired Cyndi Lauper to entertain...she needed the work. But all anybody can talk about is your brand new...

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Talent at the bat with the Lake County Captains

From the first crack of the bat to the roar of the crowd, the snow-cone grab, the wild pitch and mad slide into home plate, there’s nothing like watching a live baseball game. America’s favorite pastime is alive and well, and this summer there’s plenty for fans to cheer about at Classic Park, as our beloved Lake County Captains are just...

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Perrino Builders can help you create your dream home

Heading east on Mayfield Road into Geauga County, about four miles from I-271, the landscape transforms from hectic and suburban to relaxing and rural. Suddenly, just before you enter the growing-but-still-quaint center of Chesterland, you see on the north side of the road a stunning rock and glass structure that is the new home of Perrino...

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