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Tips for beating the winter blues

It is well established that chronic pain is made worse by depression, and the “winter blues” is one the most common forms of depression. Although we cannot do in winter many of the fun, outdoor activities we enjoy in summer, we can change how we think about winter. Here are two ideas: 1. Winter is a much softer and calmer season, so lean...

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The time to address your foot issues is right now, before your deductible resets

As the days dwindle down on 2022, now’s the time to squeeze in medical care before your deductible resets on Sunday, January 1. While you’re scheduling last-minute physicals, vision and dental appointments, don’t forget about your feet. This unsung body part might spend most of the time tucked away in shoes or boots, but since the...

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Jackie Klemenc, of Wishing Star Travel, can make your Disney cruise wishes come true

Welcome to the Part II narrative of my recent open-seas adventure aboard Disney’s amazing new The Wish cruise ship. What made it the best vacation experience my family and I have ever had? Countless big and little details. One that stood out to make the cruise fantastic was how far Disney went to thrill my children (and create some...

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Pay attention to family

With the holidays here, we look forward to gathering with family and friends we might not often see during the year. I hope people use this as a time to detect signs of hearing loss from those who might be around their table, especially older folks. Since losing your hearing can be a very gradual process, many people might not realize...

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Extended deadline for ACA

Just like last year, the annual enrollment period for Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage has been extended until Sunday, January 15, 2023. The reason? The push continues to help more people get insured courtesy of increased subsidies, with the upper income limit for subsidy eligibility eliminated. So, what is a subsidy? A subsidy is...

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