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For the booty, and the foodie

Most people know me as an expert in the field of hemorrhoid treatment, and I’ve helped thousands of patients find relief. But in addition to that form of medicine, I also offer a nutrition and disease reversal program called Cleveland Nutrition. It’s a plant-based nutrition program that helps people recover their health, get off of...

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Can victims of sexual assault, abuse or harassment sue for compensation?

Although there have been a number of recent revelations of sexual assault, abuse and harassment perpetrated against women, men and teenagers by prominent individuals in government, entertainment, education and media, there are many more unreported cases where the victims of sexual misconduct simply suffer in silence. The question is, why are...

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When it’s not the common cold

The season is upon us. No, not the holidays. It’s cold and flu time. But there might be a chance that what you suspect is a common cold is actually winter allergies. We caught up with Dr. Barry Lampl—an allergist and immunologist who founded Allergy Diagnostics 25 years ago—to find out more. Q: When is it a cold, and when is it...

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Holiday prep 101

If you’re a child of the ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s, chances are good you have more than one holiday photo featuring an ugly beige metal card table surrounded by four matching chairs. Sometimes it served as the bar, sometimes it was the kids’ table, and sometimes it held desserts. But too often the joy of the holiday season was...

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Rising to the occasion

“It’s a highly effective option, but may not be right for everyone,” Dr. Laurel Matthews, of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar explains, referencing the sexual rejuvenating P-Shot she introduced earlier this year to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. “I’m thrilled to now offer Shockwave as an alternative.” Shockwave involves...

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