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Maverick Insurance Group says plan ahead: Before you rent a car, do this

Should I buy the rental car property insurance? It’s a question we hear a lot at the Maverick Insurance Group. I always buy it and I think you should, too, with one exception. If you spend every week on the road and rent a lot of cars, it can get expensive and may not be worth the extra cost. But for the casual renter, it is useful. If...

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Dr. E. Shanika Esparaz takes quality time to get to know and see you

E. Shanika Esparaz, M.D., of Envision Opthalmology and Wellness, is a double-board-certified ophthalmologist and lifestyle medicine specialist focused on whole-body health and wellness. The direct-care model of her practice enables her to focus on all the needs of her patients. “Imagine convenient scheduling, no phone trees, no wait time,...

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Here’s how the pros at Chagrin Home Improvements can get your deck prepped and ready to enjoy the warm weather

Don’t blink. We all know what happens if you do when it’s springtime in Northeast Ohio. One day we’re ready to throw burgers on the grill for dinner on the deck and the very next day we want to cuddle by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. The thing is that when the weather does warm up for good, we want our outdoor spaces ready for...

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You’re just a phone call away from the best hassle-free bathroom remodeling experience of your life with Bath R Us

Tile can look nice in a shower or tub surround. But it also can create a major headache, cautions Chad Howman, owner of Bath R Us. “Tile grout is porous, and when water gets into the grout it can get behind the tile,” Chad explains. “Because mold and mildew grows where it’s wet and dark, you can end up with a big patch of mold or...

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The Gutter Boys' subscription gutter-cleaning service lets you “set it and forget it"

We all know it’s important to keep our gutter systems flowing smoothly, but cleaning them is a dirty, dangerous job, one we should not be doing ourselves. But it’s also difficult to schedule gutter cleaning until you notice the dreaded overflows. Now, The Gutter Boys—a team of full-service, gutter specialists—has the solution:...

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