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For patients who don’t want to live with fat, sagging skin anymore, TruSculpt iD is a game changer

After more than three years of offering the revolutionary TruSculpt iD at her Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, the rave reviews for Dr. Laurel and her fat-melting procedure continue to pile up. Following surgery to help her lose a considerable amount of weight, one patient turned to Dr. Laurel for help with the resulting sagging skin. A TruSculpt...

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The employee ownership team at Station 43 Tavern just wants to say thanks

For over a decade, Station 43 Tavern in Solon has been a go-to place for people who want the feel-good vibe that can only come from a locally owned establishment. Lisa Randazzo-Ross, who is part of the Station 43 employee ownership team that includes Anthony Fiorelli, likes to describe the feel at her beloved eatery as...

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Proper Access can unwrap a solution this holiday season when the latest and greatest electronics turn into problems

The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care in hopes that a new Nest thermostat, Ring door camera system and flat screen TV soon will be there. But what do you do once those complex tech gadgets arrive? The latest and greatest electronics turn into problems under the tree when the thrill of unwrapping them has worn off. You grab the...

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Chesterland Family Eye Care has just introduced a revolutionary new treatment for dry eye called iLux

Upwards of 46% of Americans will at one time or another suffer from itching, burning, annoying dry eyes. This condition, which can also cause blurred vision and a sandy, gritty sensation, is only exacerbated by the jump in screen time so many of us are experiencing. One local eye doctor says she’s seeing an increase in patients suffering...

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Opt for the deepest, richest shades on your walls and the result will be flawless with the talented team at Chagrin Home Improvements on the job

It’s almost the new year, a time when a homeowner’s fancy turns to thoughts of kitchens, bedrooms and baths freshly painted in the latest hues. A professional paint job by the experts at Chagrin Home Improvements guarantees that no matter what rooms you paint or colors you choose, your home is in the best of hands. “Our crews are experts...

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