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Next-level podiatry

Toggling along in six-inch bubble gum pink suede stilettos may have caused Mimi her share of discomfort in the tootsie department over the years. When she read all of the five-star reviews online about the fabulous patient experience over at Community Foot and Ankle of Mentor, it sounded like it was well worth a visit. Dr. Robert Rosenstein,...

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Say goodbye to unwanted fat—without the deep freeze

The ads and billboards are everywhere promoting a non-invasive, freezing technique to remove fat and contour the body. Dr. Paul Vanek, FACS, who performs many body contouring procedures at his Vanek Plastic Surgery, saw those ads. He also spoke to many unhappy people who had received the freeze treatments elsewhere and told him they weren’t...

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UpLift is a non-surgical way to lift a sagging neck or jawline

Dr. Laurel Matthews, a board-certified physician with more than 35 years of practice experience and the owner of Dr. Laurel’s PRP Bar, offers a revolutionary way to lift skin on the neck and at the jawline. Offered to her patients as UpLift, the procedure is based on the use of synthetic PDO (poly diaxanone) absorbable suture...

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The Lake County YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program helps people avoid Type 2 diabetes

Roughly one in three adults in Lake County are pre-diabetic, and many have no idea they are on a crash course toward full-blown diabetes. Luckily, as part of a national initiative by the YMCA, the Lake County Y has introduced the Diabetes Prevention Program. “This disease has reached epidemic proportions,” says Senior Healthy Living...

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Five key questions Acclaim Renovations & Design’s Bob Gallese asks before starting a kitchen remodel

Bob Gallese, founder of Acclaim Renovations & Design, says that after he’s finished consulting with a client on a kitchen renovation, they almost always say that his questions brought up things they never would have thought about. Here are a few of them:1. Are you a party animal? “There are subtle differences in space allotment and...

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