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Acupressure to treat chronic pain

Here at Advanced MMC, we do employ conventional Western medical practices, but we also rely on alternative therapies, including what is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because we specialize in integrative medicine—which treats the whole person rather than a disease process—we look at body systems instead of just body parts...

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Ingrown toenails

A significant portion of the patients we see—especially this time of year when people are going barefoot or wearing flip-flops—suffers from ingrown toenails. This painful condition is caused when the corner or side of the nail grows into the flesh. It can be caused by genetics, some people are simply more prone to get them, as well...

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Person-to-person value

These days, person-to-person interaction has become something of a lost art. We’ve become so used to taking care of most of our business online, we sometimes overlook the value—and potential for savings—genuine interaction can represent. There is one area where talking to a real live person can not only provide some much-needed...

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With new team members and a fresh dedication to helping people hear better, the team at Amanda’s Family Hearing is ready to collaborate for you

With a just-right combination of advanced audiology technologies and down-to-earth patient care, the growing staff at Amanda’s Family Hearing offers comprehensive solutions to hearing loss. Founder and namesake Dr. Amanda Barbur has just announced the addition of two other doctors of audiology to the practice: Dr. Kevin Burkitt and Dr...

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Calm the mind and transform your life with Branches of Wellness

It’s said that true healing comes from within. Anyone looking for a little guidance along their journey of self-discovery through self-care will find it at Branches of Wellness in Painesville. Celebrating 13 years of offering yoga for all ages and stages of life, and a variety of healing arts, from massage and meditation to energy...

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