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Mapleview Country Villa helps patients get well and get back to their lives

Anyone who has experienced unbearable pain can relate to Cheryl Noble. This past July 4, Cheryl was returning home from a trip to Belize and having significant back pain. “I’ve had back issues in the past,” says Cheryl. “I thought this was more of the same, so I wanted to see my doctor and get a cortisone shot, which has worked...

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Here’s how the team at Beachwood Commons Assisted Living helps seniors transition to the next chapter of their lives

Helen J. and her husband, Jack, moved to Beachwood Commons Assisted Living on February 15 of this year. Helen remembers because it was the day after they celebrated Valentine’s Day. A few months later, Jack passed away. Helen says she misses her husband of more than 60 years every day, but she is thankful they found Beachwood Commons. “I...

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Acclaim Renovations & Design can help you embrace your basement

Bears, bees and snakes aren’t the only ones that hibernate. As soon as old man winter knocks on our door with his fierce, frozen fist, we humans escape to the warm comfort of home and hunker down in the great indoors. Not surprisingly, now is a busy time for home remodelers to renovate family rooms and basements into hibernation-worthy...

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Painesville’s First Church of Christ is re-emerging as a leader in serving the community

Growing up in Green, Ohio, Mike Martin’s mother was a teacher while his father spent his days studying the heavens as a meteorologist for the Akron-Canton Regional Airport. Mike focuses on Heaven now, too, but in a completely different way. He’s a pastor. In fact, he’s the new pastor at First Church of Christ, in Painesville, where...

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Playing the roid game

Many people who have hemorrhoids know they have them, but insist on playing a mind game with themselves. First they live in denial, trying to convince themselves the problem will go away. And maybe it does, for a little while. Until it comes back. This is a cycle that repeat itself over and over again. The difference is that over time, their...

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