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TruSculpt iD is perfect for the chin, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, back, arms and anyplace on the body you want to see a dramatic reduction

Some people have difficulty losing weight but ultimately get there. For others, it’s a lifelong battle that requires surgical intervention. Diane H. lived the first part of her life struggling to get thin. “Fifteen years ago I had bariatric surgery and lost more than half of me,” she says. “This caused my arms to have excessive...

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Forever your WiFi

While it’s great to have the latest and greatest tech gadgets, upgrading can be a pain. Just when you finished paying off your last iPhone, the newest version drops—and the upgrade cycle starts all over again. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy something tech-related and have it last for years…and years? At Proper Access, we...

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The financial aspect of care at The Laurels of Chagrin Falls

For seniors and their families, the financial aspects of transitioning to long-term care can be complex, intricate and far-reaching. At The Laurels, we work directly with people through an ethical and compassionate approach to protect and preserve their assets. For peace of mind during this complicated process, I’m proud to report that we...

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Dr. Bianca Kostranchuk of Chesterland Family Eye Care encourages you to wear your sunglasses year round

The fall season signals a return to chillier temps, shorter days and less sunshine, but as you stash away your warm weather gear, don’t put away your sunglasses. Just like people are appreciating the importance of year-round sunscreen to shield their skin, they should also protect their eyes every month of the year. In fact, winter can be...

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There’s still time to protect your deck before winter with Chagrin Home Improvements

Summer is winding down, but before you turn your attention to indoor projects, did you get around to cleaning, protecting and preserving your deck? There’s still time to get on the list at Chagrin Home Improvements for a deck cleaning, staining and sealing—without subjecting this valuable outdoor space to the harsh winter conditions that...

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