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Party With a Purpose fundraiser hosted by All Choices Matter

Jean Pelton started All Choices Matter to help children. “Young people face incredible changes,” says Jean. “While some changes will improve their lives and society, some will be unfair and destructive. Every choice a child makes takes that child closer to, or further from, that child’s goals and dreams.” All Choices Matter...

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This could be a hearing aid game-changer

Advanced Audiology Concepts in Mentor, partnering with hearing aid manufacturers through pilot programs to introduce the latest advancements on the market to the area has always been part of the mission. To that end, the team is thrilled to be one of a handful of audiologists in the country to offer a program testing the telehealth capability...

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Who gets hemorrhoids?

I ’d like to dispel a few of the myths about who gets hemorrhoids—and who doesn’t. Age - When it comes to hemorrhoids, age really is just a number. I’ve seen patients that range in age from their teens up to their 90s. So despite what many people might think, young people can be just as susceptible to getting hemorrhoids...

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Apex Dermatology: This is Marlise

It can be said that behind every successful doctor is a terrific nurse. At Apex Dermatology, that especially holds true. Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga has surrounded himself with certified nurse practitioners who boast impressive credentials as well as the compassionate demeanor that is the hallmark of all five of his skincare offices. “All of...

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The right window dressing can improve in-home comfort and energy saving

The National Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for this winter season includes mind-numbing cold, blistering winds, blinding blizzards and glacial amounts of snow and ice. Okay, the report might not have used those exact words, but you get the idea. Now’s the time to look for strategies to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your...

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