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Mini spring cleaning!

As much as winter wreaks havoc on the exterior world, destroying our roads and damaging our landscaping, it also takes its toll on the interior of our homes. After all, we’re stuck inside...

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Judgement free at Aerni Dental

"While attending Case Western dental school in 1986, my father came to see me and presented with advanced dental infection. So severe for his health, his teeth had to be removed. To allow him to...

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IV nutrient therapy

For people struggling with fatigue, jet lag, viral illness and other health conditions, IV therapy represents an easy way to deliver to the body the nutrients it needs to become well...

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Getting a handle on heel pain

As it turns out, despite the flat-out fabulousness of Mimi’s everyday stilettos, shoe-horning her tootsies into sky-high heels over the years has caused heel pain. Mimi looked to Dr...

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Next-level podiatry

Toggling along in six-inch bubble gum pink suede stilettos may have caused Mimi her share of discomfort in the tootsie department over the years. When she read all of the five-star reviews online...

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