Maple Health Direct Primary Care is dramatically changing the doctor-patient relationship

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Taking time to find out about her patient’s lifestyles helps Courtney Kozek, PA-C better diagnose and treat them more efficiently. She earned a Master of Physician Assistant Studies and bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. (Photography: Adrienne Rose)

By Patricia Nugent

Enjoying longer appointment times, 24/7 direct access, less waiting and more comprehensive medical care customized to you seems like an unattainable dream in today’s frenetic healthcare climate.

Founded by Dr. Richard Berry in 2022, Maple Health Direct Primary Care is the first of its kind in Lake County. This novel model of patient-centered care translates to smarter, more streamlined experiences.

A few standout differentiators for the practice include:

• Since patients are scheduled on the hour, you won’t have to wait for an appointment in a crammed waiting room. “We don’t double book our schedule like most doctors,” says Dr. Berry.
• Dr. Berry and Courtney Kozek, PA-C don’t mind you reaching out to them directly via call or text. “Improved access makes for better care,” he says. “We don’t have layers of staff members to go through to get to us. We answer our own texts, phone and emails through a HIPAA-approved gateway.”
• The on-site discount pharmacy allows members to conveniently walk out with their meds in hand after their appointments, and at a fraction of the cost—up to 80% less for common meds—than if they went to a traditional pharmacy.
• They make house calls to new babies for the first three visits at no additional charge to give mom and baby a more relaxed experience.
• Lab testing, EKGs and many procedures are done at the practice for lower cost.

Routine blood panel at a major hospital system could cost $300-$500. For the same labs, Maple Health charges only $17.

What Patients are Saying
The slew of enthusiastic five-star reviews tells the story.

“I must say, as seniors, Dr. Berry has been a godsend. He has been available by phone or text in situations where we would have had to go to the ER. We’ve been able to visit his office quickly that day or the next weekday. We save a lot of money by getting basic maintenance meds from him. He is very knowledgeable and listens! He provides outstanding care with compassion and a bit of humor,” says Vicki Pav.

James Iavarone calls Maple Health a breath of fresh air. “Every aspect of health care has been changed. My health has improved, I have goals, plans and a team behind me. They brought back what healthcare should be.”

Meet the team. Founded by Dr. Richard Berry (left) in 2022, Maple Health Direct Primary Care offers patients a more personalized, affordable alternative to traditional medical practices. He’s pictured with nurse Vanessa Padilla and Courtney Kozek, PA-C.
Since patients are scheduled on the hour, you won’t have to wait for an appointment in a crammed waiting room.

Meet Courtney Kozek
As a PA working for a major hospital system, Courtney was feeling the pressure of having to see too many patients for shorter appointments and not being able to provide the best level of care.

With an interest in pediatrics and women’s health, she earned a Master of Physician Assistant Studies at Seton Hill University after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh.

Introducing Employer Plans
With the growth trajectory of Maple Health DPC over the past two years, Dr. Rich Berry has answered the call of local employers who want to offer direct primary care health benefits to their employees while also improving their bottom lines.

“These benefits are ideal for both organizations that don’t currently offer health care, as well as those that already offer insurance and want to boost their employees’ wellness,” says Dr. Berry. “For companies with more than 60 employees, we will spend one day a month at the employer’s site for employee physicals and wellness visits. And the bigger the company, the more often we come.”

“The businesses we’re already working with benefit from personalized 24/7 care as well as discounted pharmacy to their employees, and save about 15% on their costs,” he says.

Dr. Aaron Cook, who owns Fyzical Therapy & Balance in Mentor, has been part of the program for a year.

“As a small-business owner, being able to offer my employees direct primary care at an affordable cost is a game-changing solution,” he says. “It’s been beneficial to me in attracting and rewarding my talented staff. And I feel they are getting a comprehensive experience in working with Dr. Berry and Courtney that improves their health and wellness. In addition to the in-depth yearly physical, labs and discount pharmacy, my staff has enjoyed knowing they can reach out to them anytime.”

“Now at Maple Health, the pace is manageable,” she says. “I can take the time to find out about my patients’ lifestyles, better diagnose their issues and treat them more efficiently as a whole person.”

Maple Health DPC is a full-service, membership-based primary care practice that offers flexible access, longer appointment times and less waiting. It’s conveniently located at 7259 Center Street in Mentor. Doctor visits are included in the affordable monthly membership fee, which ranges from $60-$110. For more information, call 440-655-8017 or visit