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The "Maine" Event at Salmon Dave's

The time has come at Salmon Dave’s Pacific Grille in Rocky River to celebrate the “Maine Event.”  The crème de la crème of sweet, succulent lobster is plucked from cold Atlantic Depths at the peak of the season rushing them to the charming west side destination for true lovers of lobster.  “We go to great lengths to ensure our Maine...

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From pans of pasta to fried chicken and green beans, Mr. G’s makes party planning easy-peasy

From family fun nights to football parties to holiday gatherings, now is the time for friends and family to come together. And wherever people gather in celebration, there is always food—and somebody has to cook it. Well, these days it’s easier than ever to skip the stress of meal prep by relying on the affordable and delicious catering and...

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Fall’s bounty at Gandalf’s Pub

Harvested by local farmers, fall’s bounty is finding its way onto the Gandalf’s Pub & Restaurant menu. “From delicious lamb sliders with a tomato feta compote to roasted apple butternut squash soup to Guinness beer-braised stew, our new fall menu showcases local produce and meats,” says Sean Lackey, who, along with his wife,...

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The annual Lobster Feast at Timber Lodge!

In Northeast Ohio, we all know that when months end in “er” it is clambake season. It is also a peak time to feast on lobster. To celebrate the season, Timber Lodge is having a Lobster Feast.  “We give you the tools and the bib, so get crackin’,” says Timber Lodge owner Ron Levitt, a third-generation restaurateur.  “We have live,...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Caramel Apple Crisp Cheesecake

I was really craving an apple crisp and decided what better way to eat it than on a delicious cheesecake? With a savory cheesecake base infused with ginger and brown sugar, the apple crisp crust and topping really propel this dessert to a whole new level of amazing. For step-by-step instructions with photos, click here. Caramel...

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