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Your Maine lobster nirvana is at Kingfish Seafood

The time has come at Kingfish Seafood in Copley to celebrate “The Maine Event.” The crème de la crème of sweet, succulent lobster is plucked from cold Atlantic Depths at the peak of the season then rushed to the Montrose “Restaurant Hill” destination for true crustacean lovers. “We will fly in more than 4,000 pounds of fresh...

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Architectural Justice Gallery and Café

Transport yourself to a romantic, turn-of-the-century European café, with marble tables and white brick walls, ornate glass chandeliers and tantalizing fare. James and Darlene Justice opened Architectural Justice Gallery and Café last year as an homage to the countless cafes they have been inspired by from around the world. Though...

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Sips & Such Social House: Because not everyone wants to drink coffee in the car

Sip. Savor. Repeat. That’s what Sips & Such Social House encourages its customers to do. Bucking the trend of coffeehouse chains and many eateries that elevate the hurried pace of life by offering drive-throughs, this locally owned place is the antithesis. It beckons customers to come inside, relax and have a sip of coffee, tea or a...

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Country has officially come to Strongsville with live country music at Harvest Saloon

Owning a bar and restaurant is more about making memories than serving food and drinks, insists Mike Keho, owner of the Harvest Saloon, in Strongsville. “I’ve made a lot of good friends during the years I managed Cleats Bar & Grill in this location, and I’m looking forward to building more memories in my own place. I’ve seen kids beg...

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Find out where coffee comes from and the basic types of beans

Coffee is grown in three regions around the globe: Indonesia, Africa and Central America, all lying within the same general latitudes that straddle the equator. This “Coffee Belt” offers the perfect climate to create this rich, aromatic commodity, globally traded at a volume second only to oil (and, incidentally, tastes a lot...

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