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The season of the Rose

With its own colorful brand of upscale-casual dining, the Rosewood Grill in Westlake is celebrating its one-year anniversary in style, raring to embark on a festive holiday season. Chef Shawn Cline, who is a partner in the restaurant, says their attention to delivering a sophisticated menu of memorable dishes, and creating a cosmopolitan...

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Sweet corn!

Nothing signifies the height of summer like biting into a sweet, succulent ear of corn, preferably fresh picked from the field. And those of us with melted butter running down our chins are not alone. Americans eat a lot of corn, about 21 pounds per person annually. It’s hard not to get excited when spying a roadside stand displaying rows of...

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Ramping up

When the forest floor is warmed by the sun, before the trees leaf out, ramps make their way into the light. And folks in the know are ready to harvest this harbinger of the new foraging season. As long as I can remember my dad was one of those folks.  Ramps (allium tricoccum), for those who haven’t caught the fever, are wild onions that grow...

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