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City Barbeque’s flavorful mashup has become a force to be reckoned with

At the newly opened City Barbeque in Fairlawn, a fortuitous amalgam of deliciousness blends the best styles of barbecue—Texas, Kansas City and North Carolina—into a hybrid. Founded in Columbus, the charming eatery is the first in northern Ohio and joins 39 other barbecue joints in the nation that serve up genuine down-home...

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Eight years of awesome sauce at D'Agnese's Trattoria and Cafe

I’m writing this column with mixed emotions. D’Agnese’s Trattoria and Café, on White Pond Drive, is that special kind of restaurant you want to keep secretly held between yourself and a select few friends and relatives. It’s one of those near-perfect, extremely popular places without the ridiculous lines and wait times. More...

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The Starving Chef Recipe: Pupsicles

My dogs love to hang out in the backyard, no matter how hot it is outside. So, to help keep them chillin’ outdoors in the sun all summer, I made them pupsicles. However your fur baby eats its pupsicle, these frozen treats are the perfect doggy dessert on a hot summer afternoon. For step-by-step instructions with photos, click...

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A Final Thought: Tree's Big Adventure

One day in mid-summer Tree was speaking with Cicada. “It is getting late,” Tree said. “When will you begin your adventure?” “I am having my adventure now,” Cicada replied. “I sing and I fall in love.” “But you have wings!” said Tree. “You could fly anywhere in the world while I am stuck here with my roots in the...

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Whether shopping at CW’s Purple Iris or dining next door at The Dolphin Restaurant, you’re certain to leave satisfied—and inspired

A customer told Sandy Mihalek, “If you go into CW’s Purple Iris and nothing speaks to you, you’re not listening.” Not looking, either. The tranquil gift store, which Sandy describes as “more inspirational than spiritual or religious,” carries an eclectic and affordable mix of comforting gifts. Items from the Natural Life line...

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