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Small business health insurance

Every day, people visit our office in search of better health care coverage. For business owners, we can review your company’s health insurance standing and determine if there are better options to offer your employees.  The truth is, many people consider the quality of the health care coverage offered by a prospective employer before taking...

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Estate planning for college

“When a child turns 18, the law recognizes him or her as an adult—no matter what,” explains John J. Urban, an attorney who has concentrated in estate management since the mid ‘70s.  That means if your kid gets sick or injured while away at college, you don’t have the right to medical information or to make critical decisions about...

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Systems achieve investment goals

We’ve all been told that it’s important to have goals in life. Whether it’s a continuation of your lifestyle in retirement, starting a new business or running a marathon, it is important to have a vision of the future achievement of your goals.   Picture yourself living the lifestyle you desire in retirement, crossing that finish line of...

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If your beneficiaries are dead

If you become incapacitated or die, proper estate planning is the key to ensuring your wishes are carried out. No less important is a periodic review of your documents once that plan is in place.  “It’s important to take a look at your will every few years to determine if the people you’ve named in it are still alive,” says John J...

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This is Zinc Insurance

As Mimi twists the knob and swings the door open to Zinc Insurance for her interview with owner Seth Zaremba, the eclectic, mod and deliciously artsy décor has her immediately stopping short. This is an insurance agency? Perched on a trendy Ikea sofa in front of a coffee table piled high with bottled water, she waits just 30 seconds until a...

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