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Here's why critical illness protection is important

With medical technology constantly evolving, the likelihood of a person surviving a critical illness or injury is greater than it ever has been. But while your health can rebound from a major diagnosis, your finances often cannot. With higher insurance deductibles and most people living paycheck to paycheck, even if you are able to pay your...

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How to keep your pet cool in the dog days of summer

As the temperatures and humidity levels in Northeast Ohio continue their climb, imagine having to navigate the heat of summer while wearing a fur coat. Ugh. Dogs and cats don’t have the luxury of removing their “coat” to cool off, and exposure to excessive heat can pose risks like sunburn, heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration and...

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Retirement planning mistakes

While many Americans have spent years planning for retirement, a great many of them have made a basic discovery once they reach that plateau: There are some issues that simple math and time will not necessarily resolve. If you are at or near retirement, here are several common mistakes that you can plan now to avoid: • Underestimating your...

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Sometimes your marital status matters

For some people, titles matter. Mom, Dad and even Mr. or Mrs. differentiate a person in the eyes of the world. But for others, the idea of claiming a title holds less significance, and they’re content to live without the formality. However, says attorney Linda Nabors, who works with her husband, Jay, at Nabors & Nabors Ltd., the...

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While the rest of the insurance industry is content to take it slow, Zinc Insurance embraces the idea of rapid and responsive service

When I founded Zinc Insurance, I didn’t dive into the business with a desire to conform to the traditional model of what an insurance company should look like. You know, the old house on the corner of a busy intersection with a sign out front, closed blinds and sometimes a car in the drive. I never sat idly by in a small office waiting...

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