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Aging parents and POAs

When you have an aging parent, there are many complicated considerations to ensuring their health and well-being. A fall or stroke can change your situation very quickly. While it’s an unpleasant thing to anticipate, making sure you have both a financial and healthcare power of attorney in place ensures you have the authority to make informed...

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Tax scammers on the rise

The IRS reports that more than 2.4 million people in the United States each year are targeted by phishing and impersonation scams. And worse yet, that number is growing at an alarming rate. The fraudulent operators communicate with people through bogus phone calls, texts, emails or social media. One of the most prevalent scams, especially...

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Do you remember April 1977?

Photo: Wikipedia If you were in high school in 1977, you are likely approaching age 65, which is when you will begin making decisions regarding your Medicare options. To learn more about your options, give me a call to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation informational meeting. In the meantime, enjoy recalling these memories from April...

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Is accident coverage for you?

Young or old, no one is immune from the risk of an accident. Age does not play a role when it comes to a slip, fall, injury, or other unexpected mishap. Are you prepared if the unthinkable should happen? Fortunately, I can help you find a supplemental plan that may help with out-of-pocket costs if the unexpected accident should occur...

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Navigating the journey of life

Not many people can say they’re following the same career path as their great-great grandfather. For fifth-generation funeral director Jeff Monreal, working with families to guide them through their journeys of grief and remembrance comes naturally. “I remember being a little boy listening in, outside my grandfather’s office, on him...

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