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Give the greatest expression of love—life insurance

The month of February is practically synonymous with the word love. And with Valentine’s Day still in our rear view mirrors, I’d like to suggest you consider one of the greatest acts of love you can give to yourself and your family. Life insurance. If your reaction to those two words was immediately along the lines of, “I’m too...

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Premium vs. Commission: It’s no contest

How exactly do insurance agents make money? The answer is simple: commission. So is commission part of the price you pay? A number of factors determine cost, but your agent’s commission isn’t one of them. Keep in mind, when you shop for a lower rate, you’ll get a different quality coverage. Pay attention to how a less...

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Your virtual CFO

An accountant’s wife, the old joke suggests, can promptly cure her insomnia by asking her husband about his day. Judging by the boisterous laughter filling the air in Gary Cerasi’s office at Creative Business Strategies, buying into that cure may be a risky investment. “We have a lot of fun here,” says Gary, a CPA and owner of the...

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You can be your own boss!

Right about now, many people are taking stock of their lives. Some want to improve their health, others want to improve their relationships and others still are considering a career change. If you’ve been stuck in a nine-to-five rut, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to grab ahold of the dream of self-employment—one where you set...

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Measure the riskiness of your portfolio

It’s a new year and your investment accounts are looking pretty good. The stock market is at an all-time high and the part of your portfolio that is invested in stocks is doing great. But that other part of the portfolio that isn’t in stocks isn’t gaining like the stock part is. Maybe you are thinking of moving some of the non-stock...

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