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Do this before traveling

According to a survey in Forbes magazine, 92% of Americans are planning to travel more in 2024. While you’re scouring Tripadvisor and finalizing reservations before hitting the road or friendly skies, it’s a good time to put your affairs in order. “This time of year, people about to go on vacation call me to draft or update a will,...

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Capturing your legacy

Within each of us, there is a fascinating story to tell. However, few people have the time, talent, and expertise to write a book. T.L. Champion has spent decades honing her craft as a ghostwriter to help dozens of clients publish their memoirs. She founded Legacy Ghostwriting in 1998. “People often ask me what it means to be a...

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Young adult investing pays

Not many recent college graduates prioritize saving for retirement. And that’s unfortunate, because saving sooner has a profound impact on how much you end up with when retirement comes. It allows your investments to grow over time by taking advantage of the power of compound interest. This type of interest means your earnings generate...

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When it comes to selling your home, you need the strategic skills of a grand master to win

We’ve all heard the adage, “This is chess, not checkers.” Denise Zervos, who, along with husband Mark, owns Platinum Real Estate, has taken the time to explore how chess is an ideal metaphor for the home-selling process, when sellers must strategically navigate the market to achieve their goals. Please join us for the Ultimate Game...

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Dental and vision coverage

Some people think they don’t need dental or vision coverage and end up shocked when costly problems arise. The health of your mouth is connected to virtually every system in the body, which makes having a dental plan in place a smart option. And having a vision plan in place can be the key to having a healthy outlook. HealthMarkets...

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