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Here’s how Chagrin Home Improvements uses its powers to rescue your outdoor oasis from neglect, a deck’s worst enemy

Your own backyard just may be your vacation destination this particular summer more than any other. Have you been out there yet? Do you like what you see? Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements will repair, clean, stain and seal your deck for this summer and beyond, making it the place you’ll be proud to call home for years to come...

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Choice Group Keller Williams is picking up speed, adding members and gaining momentum

Christy Morek’s Choice Group Keller Williams is picking up speed, adding members and gaining momentum. Launched last year, the team is anchored by top-performing industry veterans Christy, who has 16 years in the business; Wendy Connelly, who has 17 years, and Mechele, Cheryl and Mike, who also have decades in the industry. They are joined...

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What is SEO and how to boost it

How do search engines work?Search Engines like Google and Yahoo! have bots that crawl and gather information on the internet to build an index. From there, the information is fed through an algorithm which then yields the most relevant results. Confused, yet? Think of Search Engines as librarians with a library (the internet) that houses all...

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Olga Beirne isn’t your average real estate agent

Olga Beirne, of Russell Real Estate Services, brings a colorful global sensibility to her role as one of Hudson’s sought-after Realtors. In fact, she’s among the top five Realtors in her company. She worked as an electrical engineer, and has lived in various places around the world. Born in Cuba and having lived in Spain, Olga is fluent in...

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Short-term insurance plans may be a good alternative for some

You may never think about how important your healthcare coverage is until you don’t have it. Young adults who have aged off their parents’ plan, people going through divorce, people switching jobs, early retirees, and anyone who missed the ACA enrollment period may find themselves without the benefit of health insurance. But there’s no...

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