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Margie Karl dives into the particulars of navigating both wills and executor of the estate

An integral component to drafting a will is appointing the person you want to carry out its legal instructions: the executor. Since setting up wills and trusts is a big part of elder law, we reached out to local expert Attorney Margaret T. Karl for some insight. “When a will goes to probate, the named executor is the person whose...

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The time to dive in is now

While typically easier for the initiated, understanding Medicare can come with a hefty side of confusion for the rest of the population. As a licensed insurance agent for HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, part of my job is to stay current on the ins and outs of all types of insurance plans, including Medicare. But I also make it my mission to...

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The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate say there’s a housing shortage happening right now

If you think you haven’t been seeing many for sale signs when driving around town lately—you’re right. “As Realtors, we’re asking ourselves, ‘where have all the houses for sale gone?’” says local expert Denise Zervos, who, along with her husband, Mark, heads up The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate. “We’re...

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Fitness Machine Technicians of Northeast Cleveland keeps the gym warrior on the move

With people’s schedules busier than ever—and the prevalence of customized online training programs—more folks are ditching their gym to work out at home. Research tells us 80 percent of people who join a gym will drop out within their first two months, so a home gym is becoming a better long-term investment. But how are you...

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Do you owe inheritance tax?

If you lost a loved one in 2019 and find yourself with a bank account that received an influx of cash, tax time could present some questions, says Jay Nabors, a Cleveland-based attorney who focuses on estate planning. “People who inherit money often wonder if they’re going to have to pay taxes on those funds,” he says. “First, we must...

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