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Managing marital conflict

Our brains are hard-wired with an alarm system to detect threats and react. This fight-or-flight response is terrible for managing relationship conflict. Our couples therapy program is developed around the Gottman Method, founded by world-renowned therapist Dr. John Gottman. Part of his research uncovered how this fight-or-flight response...

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Choosing life insurance

With weddings and graduations aplenty, June could be called the month of new beginnings. And any new life trajectory should include a plan for life insurance. There are two primary life insurance options to consider, and which you choose will depend on your individual circumstances and needs. Term life insurance is an often-inexpensive...

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Safely eliminate hemorrhoids and have an out of booty experience

I recently asked a patient how she was doing following her first hemorrhoid treatment. She replied that she couldn’t believe how much better everything was. “I feel like I’m wiping someone else’s butt,” she said. I told her she was having an out of booty experience. Now when she goes to the bathroom, she doesn’t have to wipe...

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Bath R Us can give you the luxurious bath you’ve been longing for in less than a week

To proclaim that Bath R Us is the bathroom company in Northeast Ohio after just two years in business may be a strong statement to make. But Chad Howman, owner of the company, says he can back it up. “Happy customers are the biggest way to identify a solid, reliable company,” Chad says. “Among the things that we are most proud of...

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Put a fresh spin on the interior of your home, with help from the pro team at Budget Blinds of Independence

Home decor trends change so quickly it’s hard to keep up. New window treatments and the addition of other decorative elements can be an affordable way to elevate your decor and maybe even your mood. It’s been a long couple of years and the interiors of our homes have taken a beating. It’s time for a change. Matt and Maria Boris, owners of...

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