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A Final Thought: Starbucks is the devil

For 15 years now, Mimi Vanderhaven has been true to her mission of improving business diversity by shining the spotlight on quality, locally owned businesses, most of whom suffer from “the 500-foot rule.” That is, local businesses often can’t afford the high rent district so they locate a bit farther away. For example, wherever...

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Spoiler alert on insurance claims

Many people are afraid to use their insurance because they think their rates will skyrocket. Others lean on their policy often, like a crutch. What both groups of people have in common is they’re probably not leaning on their insurance agent to help them decide if they should submit a claim—or not. Because we’re on the...

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When your attorney retires

It’s bound to happen eventually. Your attorney decides to scale back on his workload and start spending more time away from the office in preparation for retirement. So, now what? “I promised a lot of my clients that I wouldn’t simply go out of business when I was ready to retire,” says John J. Urban, an attorney who has concentrated in...

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HealthMarkets offers alternative solutions to help keep you protected

It’s crunch time. If you haven’t prioritized sitting down with someone knowledgeable to talk about your ACA options, your opportunity to do so is about to expire. “Many people are still unaware that the deadline to enroll in a plan or make a change has been dramatically shortened,” says Roni Bell, a licensed insurance agent with...

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Easy access for caregivers

Several years ago, I went through the process of moving my parents from their home in Florida to an assisted-living facility near my home in the Cleveland area. As many of you know, this is no easy task. It includes the sale of real estate; evaluating various senior communities; locating bank accounts, insurance policies, investments,...

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