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Midwest Everlasting Memorials: Working with family

Every family experiences the death of a loved one and ours is no exception. That’s why we spend time connecting with customers to help ease the stress and anxiety associated with marking the final resting place of someone special. We make the process as peaceful as possible, offering simple-solution pricing and a number of different...

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What if I get audited?

Although the average person’s odds of being audited by the IRS are about one half of 1 percent, an audit can be frightening even if you think you’ve done everything right on your tax return, cautions Gary Cerasi, CPA, owner of Creative Business Strategies. Here, Gary explains how to avoid trouble with the IRS. Q: What is an audit?A:...

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Small Hands Big Dreams: A daycare that is flexible, fun and family focused

Safety and security are the biggest concerns of any parent looking for childcare. But beyond that, what else are parents looking for? Brian and Jen Sprafka, owners of Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Centers in Kirtland, have made it their mission to accommodate each family’s needs while readying their children for school in this nurturing,...

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What are your options if you’re without health insurance?

Now that the midpoint of the year has arrived, some people who have participated in the Affordable Care Act may have decided their premiums were too expensive and dropped the coverage because they didn’t submit the proper forms for tax credit. Others may have become unemployed and are without health care coverage to see them through the...

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Protect your child at college

Linda Nabors, who works with her husband, Jay, at Nabors & Nabors, the Strongsville-based law firm where attorney John J. Urban is of counsel, recounts the story of clients whose child went off to college and got hurt in an accident. “They were frantic because they were here in Cleveland and their son was an hour’s drive away in the...

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