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Decisions, decisions

Right about now, you’re probably getting inundated with information about Medicare via TV, the internet and the U.S. mail. With each insurance carrier touting the many benefits of its own plan, and some even insisting they can offer zero-dollar premiums, how can you be sure you’re getting the coverage that’s right for you? In my...

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Is it time to make a change to your insurance coverage?

Understanding your coverage options under the Affordable Care Act can sometimes be confusing. Deductibles for some plans are getting higher and premiums have risen. Naturally you want to be responsible and protect yourself and your family, but how can you be sure you’re getting the best value? That’s where guidance from a licensed...

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You’ve got more options for coverage

One of the hallmarks of last year’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment was the elimination of the tax penalty for those failing to acquire coverage. The law requiring coverage was and is still in place, but the individual mandate on the tax penalty was eliminated last year. This was a tax code change, not an ACA change, but it obviously...

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The freshly formed David Berkley Insurance Group is taking a rogue approach to offering insurance coverage

No limits. That’s the philosophy embraced by the team at David Berkley Insurance Group. Headed by Patrick Althof, Mark Odabashian and Mitch Zofka (pictured above at top), David Berkley is changing the way we buy insurance. “Most people in the area will recognize our names as having been affiliated with a different company,” Patrick...

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Do this to stay out of probate court

Most people who purchase real estate don’t give much thought to the deed. It’s simply a little piece of paper that exists in a file somewhere, waiting to be mailed to the property owner once the mortgage has been satisfied. But it’s actually a much more important part of the equation. “How the language on your deed reads can mean the...

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