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Your risk never changes

In just a few short months, snow skiing will morph into water skiing, and riding the snow mobile will transition into riding a lawn mower or motorcycle. My point here is that even though your activities may change with the seasons, your opportunity for accidents or injuries can stay the same. If you’re an active person, you might be at...

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Starting fresh with Northeast Factory Direct

New construction represents the opportunity for a homeowner to take the blank canvas of a kitchen space and turn it into a Picasso, says Angelo Lardomita, lead kitchen designer at Northeast Factory Direct. “When you start from scratch, you get to decide where the mechanicals go, the electric, what kind of appliances you’re going to buy,...

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The power of your Google listing

With the first month of 2020 already behind us, I take a minute to reflect on how much things have changed. In the 1990s when we talked about 2020, we assumed there would be flying cars and our world would resemble an episode of “The Jetsons” cartoon. Well our sky is currently clear of any cars, but we do have robots cleaning our floors...

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Did Mark B. of Mentor stay in the home he remodeled with input from Platinum Real Estate, or put it on the market?

Last month, Mimi put her own special spin on the HGTV show Love it or List it. For those who missed the stories…Mimi and her team introduced to you Mark B. of Mentor. His predicament: Should he flip the home he was living in and move into a new home (leave it), or stay in the home he had extensively renovated (love it)?...

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What would happen if you weren’t around to support your family?

It’s easy to forget about our need for health, dental and vision insurance until something forces us to think about it, like an annual check-up, an ache or pain, or even an injury or surgery. The start of the new year is a perfect time to take a minute to consider how we’re covered. We all know there are no guarantees in life, but during...

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