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The lure of a low deductible is tempting, but should you bite?

A quick note on low or vanishing deductibles…don’t bite. Many insurance companies market low deductibles as a benefit to you. The truth is, the insurance companies benefit.  With a low deductible, you pay a higher rate for something that may never happen. I’d like to suggest you instead have a deductible strategy, one that benefits you...

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Has your agent been in touch?

If you’re on Medicare and haven’t heard from your insurance agent yet, maybe it’s time to consider making a switch. Because there are so many changes to Medicare every year, I make it a point to touch base with my clients annually. This year in particular, many carriers have changed the way they cover prescriptions,...

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When you aren’t the first spouse

It’s never easy when a parent or spouse dies. Adding insult to injury is the tangled web that’s woven when that person dies without a will.  John J. Urban, an attorney who has concentrated in estate management since the mid ‘70s, describes the situation facing one family in exactly those circumstances.  “The husband died and his house...

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Staying financially organized

Every day we are involved in so many transactions. Each of these transactions results in some type of paperwork. It’s like we live our lives in a constant blizzard of receipts, invoices, statements, deposits and withdrawals, purchases and sales—in paper and electronic format.  How can you stay organized and keep track of all these...

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Is Big Brother at the wheel?

When some people hear the word telematics, it immediately brings to mind the idea that Big Brother is watching. Others have no idea what telematics is—or how it can help them save money. By installing a device on your vehicle, or downloading an app, you allow your insurance company access to your driving habits. Things like speed, braking...

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