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Calm the mind and transform your life with Branches of Wellness

It’s said that true healing comes from within. Anyone looking for a little guidance along their journey of self-discovery through self-care will find it at Branches of Wellness in Painesville. Celebrating 13 years of offering yoga for all ages and stages of life, and a variety of healing arts, from massage and meditation to energy...

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Charitable dollars to The Village of St. Edward ensures our residents receive the fullest lives possible

Merriam-Webster defines “generous” as “showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected.” The nearly 700 residents and families at The Village of St. Edward communities are compassionately supported and enriched through the generous spirit of those who donate to its...

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Blazing new trails: The latest, greatest, most durable flooring on the market today

Our country is founded on a pioneer spirit—the drive to look onward to new discovery and adventure. That glimpse toward what laid over the horizon led our forefathers to the western frontier. In fact, there were so many of them, the mass migration became known as heading to the wild, wild west. Well, the fearless folks at Guhde Flooring...

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Bridgewater Senior Home Care helps to bridge the gap between families and care options, helping them to make the best-informed decisions for their loved ones

Older adults who wish to stay in their own home as they age—or need guidance in finding the best-fit assisted living when the time comes—will find a helping hand with Bridgewater Senior Home Care. “We offer the best of both worlds: in-home support care and placement services,” says founder Molly Koenig, who is uniquely...

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Life coach Juli Hicks has created a program, Flourishing After 50, to help women become their best selves

Women in their 50s and beyond who have raised their kids and find themselves feeling confused and unfilled may be asking themselves, “Is this all there is?” When life coach Juli Hicks turned 50, this is the question she asked herself. Fortunately, as an expert in positive and transformational change, personal growth and holistic health,...

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