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The hottest new medical-based skin care innovation is happening right now at NEOSkin Center

Over the past two years, Hudson’s NEOSkin Center, a full-service medical spa, has followed an explosive trajectory of growth regarding its team and the technology offered. The team has expanded from just one physician to now include a master esthetician/acne specialist, a nurse practitioner and two RN injectors. On the technological...

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Never shave again—say goodbye to your razor!

Isn’t it high time you said bye-bye to your razor and yes, please, to a laser? Over the past eight years, Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center in Strongsville has become one of the highest volume and most established providers of laser hair removal in the Cleveland area. “Our paradigm is fundamentally different than most laser hair...

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Get the diabetes support you need to stay healthy for a lifetime

As a diabetes sufferer himself, Ernie Richmann is the ideal person to act as life coach of the Lake County YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, which started last August. The program’s goal is to help people with pre-diabetic symptoms make the necessary lifestyle changes to avoid the onset of Type 2 diabetes. “I feel fortunate to lead the...

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The new Medical Weight Loss Program at Whole Body Health promises to push your cells into maximum fat burning mode

The doctors and counselors at Medina’s Whole Body Health clinic have just unveiled their new Medical Weight Loss Program aimed at stimulating the body at its cellular level. “When a patient’s energy is low and they’re struggling with weight, that means their cellular energy is low,” says Dr. Tim Weeks, owner and founder of the fully...

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The science of salt

Your throbbing head feels like a bowling ball, your ears feel as if they’re stuffed with cotton, your nose is a faucet and you have haven’t taken a decent breath in days. Welcome to cold and flu season. Rather than gulp down pharmaceutical relief and dive under the covers, recently people have discovered the healing benefits of salt...

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