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The skin she was in

For Andrea Vann, the “ah-ha” moment came in 2014 after her husband had passed away. The 39-year-old widow wasn’t sure how much she weighed (she didn’t want to know, so she had thrown out her scale years ago), but knew it must be close to 350 pounds. “I had been the primary caregiver for my husband who was in a wheelchair for 15 years...

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An eye for craftsmanship

As one of the fastest growing home remodelers in Cleveland, Tamer Construction offers the perfect marriage of old school and new school. John Tamer worked his way up from craftsman to project manager for a big construction company, to founding Tamer Construction in 1988.  In many ways, he’s never stopped being an old-world craftsman, hiring...

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Balancing the room

“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” —Clairee Belcher As Olympia Dukakis’ character sagely stated in the movie Steel Magnolias, the innate ability to put things together smartly is our God-given right as higher-level beings. But many of us lack the design confidence to assemble the perfect...

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Casey's Corner: Hard things are hard

Nicknamed “The Preacher,” Casey Wandell owns Title Boxing Club in Strongsville, where he is also an instructor of explosive total body workouts that boost body, mind and spirit. As much a philosopher as he is a fitness guru, his gift lies in encouraging people to believe in themselves, physically and mentally. Casey’s Law #2:...

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Score your big find of the season at Clothes Mentor—for way less

“Since the day we opened, there has been one constant: Style,” says Clothes Mentor owner Randi Zeid. “Our shoppers come for the cutting-edge fashions as much as the resale prices, which are up to 70 percent off mall prices.” Shop from everything you need to look your best going out the door, from athletic and yoga clothing to career...

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