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Antiques & Uniques is back with a full inventory of special finds

During quarantine, many of us had to forgo real-life pursuits that simply didn’t translate to the virtual realm, such as hanging out at the corner coffee shop or shopping. Clicking away to buy things online just doesn’t have the same thrill as encountering them up-close and in-person. Since reopening its doors in mid-May, Antiques &...

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The expansive, tranquil beauty of Knollwood Cemetery has been the final resting place of choice for the famous, the infamous, and thousands of local families

Over a century ago, the founders of Knollwood Cemetery in Mayfield Heights planned and executed a peaceful haven spread throughout more than 100 rolling acres of green space. “The goal is to continue to create a setting that is esthetically and artistically suited to those original ideals of beauty, a true garden of eternal rest,” says...

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Choice Group Keller Williams is picking up speed, adding members and gaining momentum

Christy Morek’s Choice Group Keller Williams is picking up speed, adding members and gaining momentum. Launched last year, the team is anchored by top-performing industry veterans Christy, who has 16 years in the business; Wendy Connelly, who has 17 years, and Mechele, Cheryl and Mike, who also have decades in the industry. They are joined...

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Stewart’s TV and Appliance smokes the competition by offering one of the largest selections of grills in the area

With limits on public socializing this summer, now is the perfect time to make your home your haven. And the knowledgeable and helpful folks at Stewart’s TV and Appliance store can help you do that in style. “Our business has been booming with customers who are redoing kitchens, adding outdoor kitchens, or just realizing with more time...

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Everyone on the team at Guhde Flooring America has a special super power

This will not be the summer you go to the theater to catch the latest blockbuster movie. That isn’t stopping the larger-than-life characters at Guhde Flooring America from letting us shine a comic light on their talented team and myriad superpowers. Meet the Agents of The Guhde Team. These Supers Know How to FlexTheir backstories share...

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