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According to the team at Platinum Real Estate Luxury Home Experts, investing in a second home is a sound option. Here are the hot markets worth considering

In this month of taking stock and kicking off goals, when it comes to the best place to invest your hard-earned dollars, it seems like the only thing you can be certain of is uncertainty. With fluctuating interest rates, rising inflation and an upcoming election year, people may be tempted to wait things out and sit tight. But according to...

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The expert guidance found at Huntington Learning Center is tailored to the individual needs of each child

With the second half of the school year well underway, now is a good time for parents to check in with their children to ensure they are on track with their academic progress. Waiting until parent-teacher conferences roll around (if you even have them second semester) may be too late. “If you feel your child might be struggling, the sooner...

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Mists, natural skincare & more

Plant Love Botanicals is a charming hybrid shopping experience—a stylish boutique apothecary vibe featuring organic, handcrafted skincare products, with a side of artisanal home goods. Founder Rebecca Weisberger began her journey with product development out of necessity. Six years ago, she was suffering from insomnia and experiencing...

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Can a chatbot create a will?

One in four Americans says they interact with AI regularly, as much as several times a day. AI chatbots like ChatGPT are making everything from writing more effective emails to optimizing your resume and brainstorming a client presentation faster and ridiculously easier. Then doesn’t it also make sense to simply plug in some basic info into...

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Engaging a local tax professional can help you reduce your tax liability and grow your wealth

The only certain things in life may be death and taxes—but the certainty of devising a tax plan that best benefits you is up for grabs. Have you ever wondered after filing your taxes if you may have “left money on the table?” When it comes to taxes and tax credits, the complex codes and rules are ever-changing. Uniquely...

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