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The team at Guhde Flooring America weighs in on the most frequently asked customer questions

Since 1957, three generations of the Guhde Family have kept the passion alive at Guhde Flooring America, working with folks to make their dream homes a reality. Each day the family and staff make connections with countless customers to exchange ideas and design beautiful things. So, we thought it would be insightful to ask those on the...

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Here's why the pre-approved buyer trumps all

The time is right. You’re either finally going to dump that apartment and buy your first home, bump up to a bigger place to accommodate a growing family, or downsize to fit your lifestyle after the kids have moved on. But before you start cruising the homes for sale, you might want to think about getting pre-approved for a home loan. We...

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A skeptic no more, Jim Hackenberg is convinced that the MaxStrength Fitness program offers the key to longevity

The largest living adult population in the history of time—baby boomers—is belying its name by getting older, grayer and slowing down. The stats are mind-blowing…10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. But a large segment of this population is refusing to go gently into the good night. They are looking for science-based...

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By changing the strength of your bones and muscles with OsteoStrong, you can dramatically change your health

For rejuvenating your state of health and wellness—whether that means preventing debilitating conditions or treating them—research is pointing to the musculoskeletal system as the best place to begin. There’s a domino effect that begins with stronger, healthier bones and leads to improved muscle tone, better balance and agility,...

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Brecksville’s Heart & Home is celebrating 10 years of caring for our loved ones

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this month—Heart and Home senior care is popping the champagne, cutting the cake, gathering residents around the table and taking a fond look back on a decade of caring. “I designed and built this house to be a home for everyone who lives here, with an open format, inviting kitchen and dining area,...

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