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Great Lakes Boutique is stocked with spectacular estate and trend jewelry, perfect for holiday gifting

For everyone on your list—including yourself—Great Lakes Boutique has you covered. Angel Mastandrea has her finger firmly on the style pulse point of Northeast Ohio. She searches the world over for trends and stocks the cases with the newest and buzziest jewelry lines. Holiday Gifting Trends “This year there’s been a...

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With age comes wisdom—and a loss of strength and muscle

At 74, Ann Martin says she plans to follow in her father Hilton’s footsteps and stay active up until the end of her life. “He lived a happy, active and mobile life until he passed away at 96,” she says. “He always attributed it to staying strong.” Five years ago, when she wasn’t feeling her sporadic exercise routine was...

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Dr. Danielle Shaper, of Finesse Footcare, details the options for eliminating nail fungus

About 1 in 10 people suffer from toenail fungus, which causes thick, discolored, misshapen or crumbling nails. The condition is difficult to treat and more common in seniors. In fact, the occurrence jumps to 1 in 2 people over age 70 who suffer from it. Since treatment can take several months, as newly healed nails grow out, heading into...

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Amy Hoes, of eXp Realty, weighs in on the state of the Medina County real estate market

The often-quoted Chinese citation, “May you live in interesting times,” could apply to the real estate market in Northeast Ohio. While interest rates have inched up throughout 2023, home buyers have fewer homes to choose from on the market. I caught up with Amy Hoes of eXp Realty for an explanation of what that means in the short and...

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Here’s how the rebrand of a 60-year old non-profit group has created opportunity for two local businesses

For many organizations, the chaos of the pandemic forced unplanned pivots. When Sarah Bals was named executive director of Lake County Development Council in January 2020, during the start of Covid, business activities were coming to a halt. “This was a juncture for the board of business leaders and I to take pause and evaluate our...

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