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The time to address your foot issues is right now, before your deductible resets

As the days dwindle down on 2022, now’s the time to squeeze in medical care before your deductible resets on Sunday, January 1. While you’re scheduling last-minute physicals, vision and dental appointments, don’t forget about your feet. This unsung body part might spend most of the time tucked away in shoes or boots, but since the...

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The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate say that home sales over the holidays pay off

Make room, 12 Days of Christmas. I sat down with local real estate expert Denise Zervos, who, along with her husband, Mark, owns The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate, for a year-end peek at what’s happening here in Lake County. She gave me her own spin with The 12 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays. “It’s a...

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Estate planning season

You may not associate millennials and younger generations with showing an interest in writing their last wills, but this is becoming a bona fide post-pandemic trend. “It seems that everyone knows a person who passed away from Covid-19,” says local attorney Margaret T. Karl. “And maybe that person passed away suddenly, without having...

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The Gathering Place provides free services to those touched by cancer throughout the community

The hospital cured my cancer, but The Gathering Place saved my soul.” This quote from a cancer survivor gets to the heart of this local grassroots charity. With the mission of providing free programs and services that support, educate and empower those diagnosed with cancer and their families, The Gathering Place is a refuge for people who...

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With a new location in Ridge Park Square, more people can tap in to dramatic savings on top-quality cabinets from Choice Cabinet

Homeowners on the west side now have a haven for home renovation in their backyard. Choice Cabinet, a national US supplier of cabinets, opened its new showroom this month within Ridge Park Square in Brooklyn. Since 2006, the popular family-owned company has made a name for itself on the east side by offering a wide selection of top-quality...

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