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Finesse Footcare now offers the breakthrough Lunula laser for the treatment of toenail fungus

With the temps hovering their highest all year, it’s officially flip-flop season. But if you suffer from toenail fungus, carefree things like sandals, pedicures and barefoot walks on the beach are so not happening. Luckily, Dr. Danielle L. Shaper, founder of Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst, is one of a handful of podiatrists in Ohio to...

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The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate says now might be the best time to make the move

According to Business Leader News, “to be a disruptor is to create a product, service, or way of doing things which displaces the existing market leaders.” Meet Denise and Mark Zervos—disruptors in the local real estate market since 1991. As owners of Platinum Real Estate and Team Leaders of The Neighborhood Experts, they are...

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Bringing joy to The Village of St. Edward amidst Covid-19

The residents at The Village of St. Edward in Wadsworth don’t quite know what they’ll find when they open their doors on any given Friday…a fearsome dinosaur, a clown doing handstands, maybe even a growling gorilla or giant popcorn box. “We have creative people on our team and our residents are getting a kick out of the costumes...

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Here’s how Fitness Together’s elite training model can help anyone, at any age, achieve their fitness goals

Does your “quarantine 15” weight gain have you rethinking your wardrobe (stretchy), avoiding mirrors, cameras and public places? Although people are starting to venture out again, a crowded gym with shared equipment does not sound like an ideal option. That’s why the timing couldn’t be better for the grand opening of the Fitness...

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Royalton CBD tells us about the new wellness norm

Opened by Rob Berg this spring, Royalton CBD Wellness Boutique offers a wide range of products, from oils and soaps to lotions and beverages. “I found my passion for CBD four years ago when I was introduced to it to help my anxiety,” says Rob. “Almost overnight I felt better than I had in years. Nothing else had produced such an effect...

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