When it comes to selling your home, you need the strategic skills of a grand master to win

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Selling and buying a home requires the strategic know-how of real estate agents with seasoned skills. Platinum Real Estate’s Denise Zervos shares some tips on mastering the game.

By Patricia Nugent

We’ve all heard the adage, “This is chess, not checkers.”

Denise Zervos, who, along with husband Mark, owns Platinum Real Estate, has taken the time to explore how chess is an ideal metaphor for the home-selling process, when sellers must strategically navigate the market to achieve their goals.

Please join us for the Ultimate Game of Chess.

“I chose these pieces based on their unique movements and abilities, mapping them to the aspects of the home-selling process,” she says. “This analogy helps illustrate the strategic and tactical elements involved. Sellers must outmaneuver the competition, anticipate buyer moves, and adapt to changing market conditions. The ultimate goal is to checkmate the sale, achieving a successful and profitable outcome.”

Here’s how Denise mapped the chess pieces to the process:

King (Homeowner): Protect and prioritize your interests
The King moves one square in any direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). It’s the most valuable piece, and its movements are limited to ensure its safety. Similarly, the homeowner has a crucial role in the selling process, making key decisions and setting priorities.

Queen (Real Estate Agent and Team): Strategic advisor and market expert who protects the King
The Queen is the most important powerful piece, able to move any number of squares in any direction. It’s a strategic and versatile piece, much like how agents guide the homeowner through the process.

The seasoned team at Platinum Real Estate helps buyers and sellers strategically navigate the home sale process, providing expert guidance.
519 homes sold from March to May in Lake County.

Here’s how she protects the King:

• Strategic Advisor: Provides expert guidance, helping the King set priorities and make informed decisions throughout the selling process.
Market Expertise: Helps the King navigate the complex landscape, identifying opportunities and potential pitfalls.
Skilled Negotiator: A master of negotiations, working tirelessly to secure the best possible deal for the King while minimizing risks and maximizing profits.
• Marketing Maven: Develops and executes a comprehensive marketing strategy, showcasing the King’s property in its best light and attracting potential buyers.
• Problem Solver: Anticipates and resolves issues, ensuring a smooth transaction process and protecting the King from potential obstacles.
• Communication Champion: Serves as a liaison, keeping the King informed and updated throughout the process, and facilitating clear communication with all parties involved.

Rook (Marketing):
- Strong online presence and advertising.
- Rooks move horizontally or vertically, controlling rows and columns. In marketing, Platinum aims to reach a wide audience and create a strong online presence through targeted advertising strategies.

Bishop (Staging):
Showcase your home’s best features

Bishops move diagonally, covering a lot of ground. Staging showcases the home’s best features, creating an inviting atmosphere and helping buyers envision themselves living there, much like the Bishop’s diagonal movements.

Knight (Negotiation):
Skilled and strategic offer management

Knights move in an L-shape (two squares in one direction, then one square to the side). Negotiations involve strategic moves and counteroffers, much like the Knight’s unique movements.

Pawn (Paperwork):
Attention to detail and timely documentation

Pawns move forward one square but can capture diagonally. Paperwork might seem straightforward, but it requires attention to detail to avoid mistakes, much like the Pawn’s specific movements.

“By understanding and mastering these chess-like strategies, we have a proven track record for sellers of high-dollar sales,” she says. “We are the team for a home seller to win the ultimate game of chess and achieve a successful home sale.”

Housing Market Update
Denise Zervos reports that when it comes to home values remaining strong and how much house you can get for your dollar, we are blessed in Lake County.

And the recent dip in interest rates has been a positive boost that’s already encouraging buyers and sellers to enter the market.

“We have built two very strong teams, buying and selling homes at every price point, above half a million through Platinum Real Estate the Luxury Home Experts and below with The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate,” says Denise.

When it comes to luxury properties, Platinum has earned a reputation for “selling lakefront.” In fact, over the past year, Denise reports the top three highest-selling homes on the lake were sold by them.

“There are currently more buyers than sellers looking for lakefront,” she says. “We have that pool to tap into if anyone is considering a fast, stress free and confidential home sale.”

There’s still time to nominate someone you know for the Platinum Hero of the Year Award.

Know a Hero?
There’s still time to nominate someone you know for the Platinum Hero of the Year Award. Do you know someone who selflessly serves the community, whether through volunteering, charity work, or other forms of service like organizing events, mentoring youth, helping the elderly, or supporting those in need? Denise and Mark Zervos, founders of Platinum Real Estate, want to honor these folks. Nominate a person you feel is worthy of the award by going to PlatinumHeroes.com to fill out a few fields by Tuesday, June 25. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 28, via Platinum Real Estate’s social media platforms and receive $500 cash, plus a goodie basket.

Headquartered within The Platinum Center, at 7200 Mentor Street in Mentor, Platinum Real Estate has offices in Ohio, Florida and South Carolina. To get more information, call 844-LUX-PROS, visit theLuxuryHomeExperts.com, NeighborhoodExperts.com or just call Denise and Mark direct at 216-990-2100.

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