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Margaret T. Karl helps her clients navigate estate planning with ease

A new President settling in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue usually signals that change is coming. While we don’t yet know for certain all the modifications the Biden administration will usher in, two strong possibilities are that it will lower the estate tax exemption and repeal the stepped-up basis rule in the tax code. What does that...

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Keeping you covered and up to date

Most of the people I do a complimentary review for are surprised to find out they may have insurance benefits in their healthcare policy they’re paying for but not using. Simply put, they don’t know what their coverage covers. For example, they may have coverage for over-the-counter medication, but have no idea they can get reimbursed for...

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The unpredictability of life

If there’s something we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that life can be very unpredictable. And it’s that unpredictability that has most people in goal-setting mode right now. In addition to enjoying all that life has to offer, we want to be better prepared for the unexpected. Because life has shown us that we don’t always have...

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Reinventing the kitchen remodel with Tamer Construction

Earlier this year, Tamer Construction’s showroom—Cabinets & Designs of Ohio—celebrated its seventh anniversary by introducing a new kitchen to its group of to-die-for design-forward vignettes. “This kitchen features a lot of the current trends,” says John Tamer, who has more than 30 years in the industry. “Our customers...

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Here’s how to get more from your insurance benefits

When I do their complimentary healthcare coverage review, many people are surprised to learn about plan benefits they are paying for but not using. Simply put, they don’t know what their coverage covers,” says licensed insurance agent Bernie Davidson, of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. “For example, they may have coverage for...

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