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Jeffrey Paul’s Hair & Scalp Specialists can help you start proactively caring for your hair and scalp today

Jeffrey Paul’s Hair & Scalp Specialists blends the principles and benefits of trichology, the study of hair and scalp, with cutting-edge technologies to educate clients and diagnose and treat hair and scalp issues. The team has developed a specialized approach known as CPR for Hair & Scalp—Correct, Prevent, and Restore—which...

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Beating the scale: My Personal Trainer promises fitness for every body

Shakespeare famously asked in a line from Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name?” The trainers at My Personal Trainer take that a step further and ask, “What’s in a number?” What number the scale tells you might not be the truth you think it is. Case in point: For this photo shoot, Marren Croley, district manager, has assembled...

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Find out what respect means to the team at Pristine Clean

Racking up the biggest one-day sales volume in its 10-year history, the phones at Pristine Clean rang off the hook on an otherwise unremarkable Friday in mid-May. Even owners Ken Wilson and Anthony Alberino were manning the lines to keep up. After the final call of the day, they had booked almost a week’s worth of jobs. “Seriously, I ate...

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With Valor Gutter Guards from The Gutter Boys, the water keeps flowing

When you wind through the sprawling warren of conference rooms, training studios and bustling offices at The Gutter Boys’ headquarters, making your way to the back workshop, you can’t help but notice a corner known informally as “The Gutter Guard Hall of Shame.” Imagine if you will a scattered junkyard, but instead of defunct cars, there...

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The Up Side of Downs hosts its annual Buddy Walk on Saturday, August 25, and you can be a part of the fun

The Up Side of Downs (USOD) began over 30 years ago as a parent-run, volunteer-supported organization for the parents of children with Down syndrome. Initially, the focus of the USOD was on the inclusion of children with Down syndrome in their schools and communities. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra...

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