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Kids should brush their teeth this way

Getting children to brush properly is one of the most important things a parent can do. It establishes a lifetime of positive dental health behaviors to help avoid tooth decay and gum disease. We went to an expert—Dr. Amberlee Taylor, founder of North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry—for a master class in brushing. “First of...

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When you can’t find the will

Mom or Dad dies, and everyone is left scrambling to try and figure out where the will is. “I’ve had people bring in copies of wills because they can’t find the originals,” says John J. Urban, an attorney who has concentrated in estate management since the mid ‘70s. “In certain circumstances, we can probate a signed copy...

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There is a downside to tapping into your retirement right now

If you are looking at your retirement plan balance and thinking that now would be a good time to retire since you have more money than you have ever had in your life, be very careful. In retirement, if you keep your account invested the same way it has been over the last eight years, you could be in for a shock. Over the last eight years, the...

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The lure of a low deductible is tempting, but should you bite?

A quick note on low or vanishing deductibles…don’t bite. Many insurance companies market low deductibles as a benefit to you. The truth is, the insurance companies benefit.  With a low deductible, you pay a higher rate for something that may never happen. I’d like to suggest you instead have a deductible strategy, one that benefits you...

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Casey's Corner: Dominate

Casey Wandell, owner of Title Boxing Club in Strongsville, has become as famous for his inspirational quotes as he has for his mega-calorie-torching workouts that burn fat and increase flexibility and agility. Due to popular demand, the studio has even begun offering T-shirts featuring his uplifting “Casey-isms.” We...

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