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Custom showers by Floorz

We often have customers tell us they want to replace their old fiberglass surround and shower doors in a second-floor bath. They don’t necessarily want to remodel the bathroom, but getting rid of an outdated system is a must. We’re happy to take on a shower replacement. As one of the few Schluter Shower System certified companies in the...

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A kitchen remodel featuring cabinets from Northeast Factory Direct is as easy as pushing a button

You may be dreaming about a kitchen remodel this year, but you’re likely dreading the process. Nothing sucks the fun out of a fabulous update than having to do all the planning yourself. And topping the list of “this is the worst” is trying to find a skilled craftsperson to do the installation. Enjoying a stress-free kitchen remodel is...

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Fitness is the best defense with My Personal Trainer

With the dismal daily Covid death count leading off the top of every news hour, the owners at My Personal Trainer studios are encouraging people to take a positive approach to the pandemic, more of a “the best defense is a good offense” philosophy. “For all the people who have restricted their activity and stayed mostly indoors since...

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How much is your business worth?

Many business owners plan to use the proceeds from a sale of their business to fund a significant portion of their retirement. Unfortunately, while most people know the approximate value of their 401(k) or other retirement account, as many as 80 percent of business owners don’t know what their businesses are actually worth on the...

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Here’s how one couple recommitted to living healthfully with each other

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples will be thinking about chocolates and love notes, roses and spa trips. But if living longer together and enjoying a peak quality of life are on their wish list, they may want to think more about couples’ training packages. Just ask John and Linda Heiden, who work out together at...

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