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Relief from summer allergies

The allergy forecast for Ohio this month is nasal congestion with a chance of itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing. “We are experiencing a collision of allergy seasons right now, the end of tree pollen overlapping with the beginning of grass pollen seasons,” says allergy specialist Dr. Barry Lampl, founder of Allergy Diagnostics. And where...

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Help for joints, back, eyes

Do you suffer from joint pain or stiffness? What about dry eyes or back pain? If so, today’s column about a little-known supplement could be just what the doctor ordered—literally. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a fancy sugar that’s found in every cell of the body. It’s largely responsible for lubricating the joints, eyes, discs in...

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Judy G. loves living at Huntington Square Senior Apartments, and she’s not alone

On the eve of our nation’s birthday, Judy G. was looking forward to the next day’s July 4 patio party at Huntington Square Senior Apartments, in Medina. “Everybody will be bringing something,” anticipates Judy, who adds that social activities are important to her and other seniors. Judy is a relatively new Huntington Square...

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Although the market is cooling, the team at BOLD Real Estate Consultants can help you get top dollar for your home

If you ask the team at Bold Real Estate Consultants to describe the local housing market right now, their answer sounds a bit like the lyrics of a rock ‘n’ roll song: “It’s cool, but it’s red hot.” “The market is beginning to cool, but there is still plenty of activity,” explains Bold consultant Sajag Patel. “For...

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Dental care and moms

If anybody deserves to be treated like a queen, it should be expecting moms, opines Dr. Jonathan Klineman, owner of Middleburg Heights Family Dentistry. Although gum disease can have serious health consequences, a visit to the dentist needn’t be something that patients, or moms-to-be, dread. That’s why Dr. Jon and his team work to make...

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