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The Fitness Doctor is in

Dr. Fredrick Peters’ passion for fitness is contagious. Just ask Lou, who was motivated to lose nearly 40 pounds and now feels as good at age 70 as he did when he was 30. Or Barbara, who at age 78, lessened her residual cancer effects and is stronger than ever. Or Dave, who increased his strength and remedied his knee pain before a ski...

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Reclaim your garage

What’s the first thing you would buy if you won the Powerball jackpot? The answer to that often-asked question may require more than a little fantasizing, considering the Powerball’s odds of about 292 million to one. Keeping it a little more realistic, however, you may want to think about how to optimize your federal income tax refund. It...

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Spring clean your deck

For those who can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the soon-to-arrive warmer weather, Gary Young, owner of the local Deck Rescue franchise here in this area, has you covered. On April 1, Deck Rescue will begin scheduling their full array of exterior maintenance and cleaning services. “For anyone with a deck, early in the season is an...

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The Grace Brothers Nursery CSA program is bigger than ever before

The Crop Report is in. Despite Ohio having such a cold and snowy winter, we can expect a beautiful, bountiful, bumper harvest of fruits and vegetables come summertime. “Though we are not completely out of the woods, and there still might be a freeze in the blossom season, I would say it’s safe to predict we can expect a better year of...

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Protecting your teeth from Easter sweets

This time of year you might be forgiven for thinking the Easter Bunny is in cahoots with the Tooth Fairy, yet in reality, we know the true culprits. While the kids are tucked asleep, parents are piling sugary sweets to the brims of Easter baskets. But who can blame moms and dads for wanting to recreate the childhood joy they remember on Easter...

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