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Here’s why Roofsmith Restoration is one of the top-ranked contractors—in America

When Roofsmith Restoration founder Mike Farist isn’t crawling around on a roof inspecting shingles, you might find him on the phone helping with an insurance adjuster or at the post office mailing another damaged shingle to another industry laboratory. When it comes to getting his clients’ new roofs covered by insurance, this man is...

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Here’s how to get your sweat on—for free at the Fitness Center at University Hospitals Avon Health Center

There is no denying that sweat gets a bad rap, but it actually is a good thing. Working up a sweat means you are physically purging toxins from your body and regulating your body temperature. On average, humans sweat almost 300 gallons each year, with the feet excreting as much as half a pint of moisture a day. With more than two million...

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Prepping for age-related pain?

Most people working their way through middle age live with the mindset that pain, medication and limited mobility are inevitable aspects of aging. They prepare for canes and walkers the way football teams prepare for the big game, psyching themselves up for what age will throw at them, ready for that first hint of joint or muscle pain. Then...

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Fitness Together can change your body—and your health

Of all the reasons someone would want their body to look its absolute best, such as a high school reunion or a wedding, appearing shirtless in a music video would be at the tip top of that list. For local guitarist and vocalist George Chase, Jr., of the up-and-coming band The Sublets, baring his upper bod in a video being shot this fall...

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Affectionately dubbed “jet fuel” by its owners, the handcrafted sauce at Jet’s Pizza is out of this world

While Jet’s Pizza serves up the types of deep-dish pizzas made famous in Chicago, as well as a tasty New York-style hand-tossed pizza, the men behind the local pizzerias here in town hail from Detroit. Owners Sean McEvoy and Mike Vlasak moved to Northeast Ohio 11 years ago to open a pizza store in Middleburg Heights. Now, a decade later,...

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