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Is Big Brother at the wheel?

When some people hear the word telematics, it immediately brings to mind the idea that Big Brother is watching. Others have no idea what telematics is—or how it can help them save money. By installing a device on your vehicle, or downloading an app, you allow your insurance company access to your driving habits. Things like speed, braking...

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The history of the Cleveland clambake

When you want fresh lobster, go to Maine. Gulf Coast shrimp are a favorite in New Orleans. And clams? Cleveland, of course. Yes, there are clams in Lake Erie, but not the kind you can eat. Yet Cleveland area clambakes are as much a fall tradition as haunted houses, carving pumpkins and watching Browns quarterbacks spin the turnstile. An...

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Optimum performance

Few baseball experts would disagree: Without the guidance of manager Terry Francona, the injury-riddled Cleveland Indians probably wouldn’t have gotten into last year’s World Series. It took arguably the game’s best manager to optimize the tools at his disposal to come within a single run of taking the championship against the team with...

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Danbury Senior Living is home

It has been said that home is where the heart is. For more than 100 residents, that happens to be Danbury Senior Living in Broadview Heights. “Home is not a place. It’s not something you can touch. Home is a feeling, and Danbury is home,” says Cheryl McCallum, sales and marketing director at Danbury Senior Living. “Our residents truly...

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The Shinto experience

Tantalizing tastes, exotic decor, gracious Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, dining is an experience in which an unwavering mission is followed: food should be fun. This month they are heralding fall by unveiling new dishes and drinks, and ushering in pre-holiday booking for parties. Fall Dishes Delight“We don’t strictly...

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