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International Grenache Day

Seems like there’s a day of celebration for just about everything. Whatever you’re into, from dragons to donuts, you name it and you can find a day on the calendar to celebrate. So, in case you need another reason to drink wine, September 18, 2020, just happens to be International Grenache Day. “The third Friday in September is the day...

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Meet the Artist: Bob Pozarski, Ohio Art Glass

For over 40 years, local glass artist Bob Pozarski has been illuminating the windows of Northeast Ohio with his stunning stained glass works of art. “Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by light and color—sun, sky, flowers and woods,” Bob says. “Always, I have made colorful things. My other inspiration is the material itself...

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Mentor Schools are focused on staying open and keeping students safe

Mentor is one of those areas that has always lived up to its outstanding reputation for education. You know you’re in the right place when people move to your area specifically so their children can attend the schools. But as students headed back to school on Wednesday, September 2, in the midst of a global pandemic, classrooms and learning...

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Celebrating all things fall at Lake Metroparks Farmpark

Darling, 2020 has been an appalling year of cancelled-this and postponed-that due to the “C” word. Mimi’s social calendar has been as parched and barren as the Sahara. Imagine the thrill when Mimi’s dear, dear friend, Andy McGovern, Lake Metroparks Farmpark events manager, announced that the Fall Harvest Weekends are a green light...

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Willoughby-Eastlake Schools navigates the new norm

On Monday, August 31, students in Willoughby-Eastlake Schools made their way back to school, whether wearing a mask on a bus or in a classroom, or via a remote online learning setting. To help people make the best educational decisions during these uncertain times, the administration reached out and received input from students, parents,...

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