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Meet the Artist: Mary Gut, Mary Gut Studio

In this day and age, everywhere you look it seems like every person’s focus is on their smartphone. Luckily for local artist Mary Gut, her smartphone serves a great purpose, since Instagram is the muse where she finds the vision for her impressive body of work. “I can get inspiration for an abstract painting from a fashion photo or...

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Minkin's Music: An artistic getaway

Do you feel like getting away? Pack a bag, roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and let the road take you to some highly recommended nearby destinations that will refresh your batteries. Oh, and you’d better pack some sneakers and a water bottle as you’ll be racking up some major steps on your fitness device. The Three Rivers...

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Talent at the bat with the Lake County Captains

From the first crack of the bat to the roar of the crowd, the snow-cone grab, the wild pitch and mad slide into home plate, there’s nothing like watching a live baseball game. America’s favorite pastime is alive and well, and this summer there’s plenty for fans to cheer about at Classic Park, as our beloved Lake County Captains are just...

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Here’s why you should take a day and head to Put-in-Bay

Studies show how taking a vacation can benefit your health and livelihood, yet only half of Americans actually take one each year. Even while on vacation, we are constantly checking into work via the nearest available screen. The good news is, a little getaway is just as good for you as a big getaway. So why not forget about busting your...

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Let it begin with Kindermusik

A good beginning never ends. That’s why it’s never too early to get your child involved in Kindermusik. What is Kindermusik?Kindermusik is a passionate, accessible program developed for children ages 0-7 that uses music and movement to give children a strong foundation for lifelong learning. This early intervention, as soon as...

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