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What if I get audited?

Although the average person’s odds of being audited by the IRS are about one half of 1 percent, an audit can be frightening even if you think you’ve done everything right on your tax return,...

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Judy G. loves living at Huntington Square Senior Apartments, and she’s not alone

On the eve of our nation’s birthday, Judy G. was looking forward to the next day’s July 4 patio party at Huntington Square Senior Apartments, in Medina. “Everybody will be bringing...

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Dental care and moms

If anybody deserves to be treated like a queen, it should be expecting moms, opines Dr. Jonathan Klineman, owner of Middleburg Heights Family Dentistry. Although gum disease can have serious...

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Alessio Eye MD promises full-service eye care in a relaxed, hometown setting

Having grown up on a farm in a laid-back small town, Dr. Reno Alessio says his satellite office in the stately Wright Building, on the historic Berea Triangle, instills a sense of...

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Retirement secrets revealed

If you’re just beginning your career, retirement may seem like a long time away. However, insists Gary Cerasi, CPA, owner of Creative Business Strategies, the earlier you start to save, the...

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