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Enjoy the homemade goodness of a Sophie's Choice natural pierogi

The fiasco is etched as deeply into our family lore as the broken leg lamp incident that will forever live on in the history of A Christmas Story’s Parker family. An eager team of pierogi makers,...

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For private events and parties with class, Trivs is where you go

Reflecting back on your favorite parties, the food may have been the thing that made them most memorable. That’s one reason why Trivs Restaurant and Lounge, in Strongsville, is a no-brainer for...

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Optimum performance

Few baseball experts would disagree: Without the guidance of manager Terry Francona, the injury-riddled Cleveland Indians probably wouldn’t have gotten into last year’s World Series. It took...

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Waterproofing at its best

Many old homes have destructive water and cracking on their basement walls.Unfortunately, as Connie Lahr discovered, so do some new homes. Connie, a schoolteacher, bought her two-year-old Medina...

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Are you under paying?

You’ll spend anywhere from a third to half as much on solid wood kitchen cabinets at Northeast Factory Direct in Cleveland than you would at any area cabinet retailer. Your NEFD cabinets will have...

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