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Him & Me is an initiative founded to help foster and nurture the father-daughter connection

The importance of a strong father figure in the life of a young girl cannot be overstated. Him & Me is an initiative founded by LaToyia Jones to address the critical role of fathers in the lives of young girls, in order for them to become strong women and the men to have the privilege of becoming proud dads. LaToyia initially launched an...

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The plentiful pollinator gardens within Lake Metroparks provide the inspiration you need to plant one of your own at home

It’s easy to take the biological phenomenon of pollination for granted. This generational marvel happens when pollen is moved from the male part of a plant, the anther, to the female part of the plant, the stigma, ensuring seeds and fruits are produced, as well as the next generation of plants. The legwork is done by pollinators (birds, bats,...

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Helping the feral cat community

Area animal shelters are renowned for going above and beyond the call of duty to help cat communities in need. Unfortunately, the feral feline population outnumbers the resources they can provide. In an effort to keep the free-roaming cat population in check, spay and neuter programs are essential to the survival of existing feral cat...

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A Day of Hope is August 26, 2023

When a person is down on their luck, sometimes a slight beacon of hope is all they have left to lean on. Local organization Hope Delivered has partnered with Convoy of Hope and is determined to be that glimmer of hope for local members of the community whose needs exceed their means. The mission of Hope Delivered is to connect and unite the...

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Now in its 11th year, Rainbow Bridge Walk gives pet owners who’ve experienced the loss of a furry family member the opportunity to pay tribute

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet knows how devastating it can be. The mourning process for a human loved one usually involves an organized ritual, including gatherings to remember and say goodbye. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case with the death of a pet. “After I lost my Bichon, Pallino, I was having a...

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