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Nip it in the butt

Don’t mess around. Just nip it in the butt. That’s my advice to those who think they may have hemorrhoids.  So how do you know if the pain, burning, itch, bleeding and inability to get clean after wiping are the symptoms of hemorrhoids or something else entirely? Simple. You call to set up a free consultation with me. There is absolutely...

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Men's fall fashion is in step at Lucky Shoes

With all of the new trends in women’s footwear this year, there are also many fashionable styles coming to Lucky Shoes for men. Lucky Shoes offers a wide range of popular brands for men that are not only on-trend for the season, but also comfortable for everyday wear. From a day at the office to an adventure outdoors, you are sure to find the...

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Skin Care Solutions offers a super cool way to eliminate fat—for good

Here’s the skinny on fat. Once it’s dissolved, it won’t come back.  “You can lose or gain weight in areas where fat hasn’t been eliminated, but in the areas where it’s dissolved it’s gone for good,” says Barb Giriunas, a medical aesthetic consultant at Skin Care Solutions’ esthetic suite in Medina.  CoolSculpting, she says,...

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A workout with punch

Michelle RuraAssistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Kent State University“Though I used to be an avid runner, after four knee surgeries my running days are over. I was looking for something that would deliver the same intense level of cardio but was also low impact. When I moved to Stow and heard about Title Boxing Club, I decided to...

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The benefits of keeping seniors active and engaged

A river of responsibilities flows from the social activities that sustain and propel our lives. In the rush of life, we get caught up in our responsibilities to our children, spouses and co-workers. Yet many of those same responsibilities, the mainstays of aging parents or loved ones lives, have fallen away—kids grow up, spouses pass away and...

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