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Marilyn Latine sells homes

In the world of real estate, you’d expect multiple bidding wars in big, bustling cities like LA or New York, right? But according to Realtor magazine, Akron has seen the biggest spike in multiple-offer situations in the country. The number of homes that sell above their asking price is 20 percent, which is a 91 percent increase over the...

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Whack-a-Mole roids

With the beautiful (and finally warm) weather here to stay, being out all day is a good thing. But for people suffering from hemorrhoids, the idea of being out all day is not. Over time, hemorrhoidal tissue can get stretched and protrude through the anus, which means that while you’re out and about trying to enjoy everything that Mother...

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Fresh, colorful blossoms from around the world at Hudson floral studio Molly Taylor and Co.

Mike Nied is a freelance journalist based in Northfield, Ohio, who is currently pursuing master's degree in journalism from Kent State University. He has additional bylines on KentWired and Idolator, a website specializing in pop music news. A lush garden of vibrant colors, velvety textures and heady scents blooms in the back room of...

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Here’s why you should take a day and head to Put-in-Bay

Studies show how taking a vacation can benefit your health and livelihood, yet only half of Americans actually take one each year. Even while on vacation, we are constantly checking into work via the nearest available screen. The good news is, a little getaway is just as good for you as a big getaway. So why not forget about busting your...

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Gutter cleaning might seem like a no brainer, but The Gutter Boys says it’s how they’re cleaned that makes the difference

Though there isn’t an official suggestion box for The Gutter Boys’ customers to lend their two cents, owner Ken Wilson says people regularly write them friendly notes of encouragement when signing their invoices after a job. Recently, S.M.R. remarked: “Very, very professional people, the guys there are kind, patient, and helpful. Their...

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